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  1. Sonreir

    DIY Electronic Ignition

    I've had this project on my mind for quite some time (years, really). I got a little more motivation in these past few weeks as we've decided to sponsor a high school team that is building a turbo CB350 LSR bike. They needed some help with the electrics and I offered my support...
  2. Sonreir

    Sparck Moto - Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale!

    The Sparck Moto Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale in now on through November 30th! Save up to 50% on harnesses, LED lighting, regulator/rectifiers, and other electrical items. Bring your bike into the 21st century! See for details.
  3. Sonreir

    1974 Yamaha RD200

    Picked up this little gem on Monday. Sometimes you're the first person to call on a titled $700 RD. ;) She's mostly there, but the kicker lever is gone along with a few badges/emblems. She's been in storage for seven years and possibly stored outside prior to that. The carbs and engine have a...
  4. Sonreir

    2x Early Style Controls - New

    I have two for sale and retail on these is $80, but I'm letting them go at $50. One of them has the terminals cut off (I can add aftermarket ones back on for $5) and the other has had the internals of the starter button removed so will only be useful on a bike that is being run with kickstart...
  5. Sonreir

    6" Headlight Shell/Bucket

    Emgo 6" bucket for sale. Brand new. Suitable for use with 5 and 1/4" sealed beam headlights. Gloss black with a polished (chrome?) ring. $40 with free shipping in the USA. Email me at if interested.
  6. Sonreir

    Lil Red - 1972 Honda CB175

    Just got this today. Pretty good condition, but could use a bit of TLC. Looks good from 10 feet away, but close up you can see a few compromises have been made. I've already replaced the Chinese shocks with some Hagons and wired up a new R/R in a temporary configuration (running it straight...
  7. Sonreir

    Honda 360 - Need Measurements, Please

    I'd love a bit of help if anyone is able to come through. I need a pic of the fuse box as it sits in a stock (or near-stock) set up. Also need measurements for clearances around the box, especially vertical. Please help if you can!
  8. Sonreir

    1994 Yamaha YZF750R - Vandal

    Last week I was made aware of this (supposedly) running and titled YZF750R on Facebook Marketplace. Seller was asking $1000 for it and it was only a three hour drive away. After a bit of back and forth and several other potential buyers either backing out or not showing up, I was able to grab...
  9. Sonreir

    Sparck Moto Anniversary

    The Sparck Moto Anniversary sale is now on! All of our Honda 350 and 360 electrical refurbishment kits are on sale as well as a number of other select items! Experience savings of over 30% retail price at
  10. Sonreir

    Universal GPS Speedometers now available from Sparck Moto!

    Universal GPS Speedometer (MPH) - No messy cables to the wheels. It just needs power and the GPS antenna! Building a custom bike or just don't want to sift through piles of specifications for a speedo that will work? This speedometer is for you! No mechanical cables to run to your wheels, no...
  11. Sonreir

    Yamaha XS850 - Kickflip

    So I picked up this XS850 over the weekend. Titled and running for $500, but it won't charge. The plan is to make it roadworthy and sell it and hopefully make a few bucks on the deal. Current issues (in rough order of importance): 1.) Bike won't charge. Visual inspection shows the...
  12. Sonreir

    Sparck Moto - Independence Day Sale!

    Happy Independence Day! And what better way to celebrate than the freedom of the open road? Enjoy 4% off of our entire inventory and get your vintage ride running! We are also selling our Honda 350 wiring harnesses and electrical refurb kits with an additional $20 savings for the remainder of...
  13. Sonreir

    Honda CB450 K3 Refurb!

    So we picked up this CB450 over the weekend. The plan is to refurbish the electrics and get her running properly. The previous owned complained about a possible fueling issue, so we'll take a look at that, too. First step is to strip the old electrics and replace them all with new parts. The...
  14. Sonreir

    Testing your regulator/rectifier

    For this quick tutorial, we're going to focus on testing your regulator/rectifier as a source of potential trouble in your electrical system. This test should only be undertaken after testing your stator and ruling it out as a potential issue. Tools needed: 1.) Multimeter 2.) Adjustable power...
  15. Sonreir


  16. Sonreir

    Tester Needed for New 6V Regulator/Rectifier

    Hey all, I have my first sample of our new 6V regulator/rectifier arriving within the next week and I'm hoping to get some help in testing out it. It's based on the same technology as our popular 12V model, but the plugs should be an exact match for the 6V CM185 and CM200. It should also be...
  17. Sonreir

    Yamaha DT2 Build - Smoke if you got 'em...

    Grabbed this bad boy for $350 over the weekend. Missing just about everything (including paperwork) and someone tried to convert it to MX at some point. The engine sputtered on starter fluid, so hopefully everything is OK in that department. Plans are to bring it back to a streetable state, so...
  18. Sonreir

    Need Yamaha DT2 Parts

    Picked up a Yamaha DT2 that's be stripped of mostly everything. Need the following, please: *Tank *Seat *Stator cover (with clutch linkage, actuator, etc) *Rear fender Thanks in advance!
  19. Sonreir

    Vintage Connections - Terminal Price Drop!

    After months of samples, prototypes, and testing, we can finally announce that we've secured a new supplier for the hard-to-find 4mm triple terminals! We received our first shipment this week and to celebrate, we are now offering our triple terminals in larger quantities (as well as larger...
  20. Sonreir

    Selling: Complete 4LS GT750 Front Wheel, Cables, and Brake Lever

    Asking $700 and will be shipped free of charge in the USA. PM me for shipping costs elsewhere. It'll go up on eBay for $800 if I don't get any interest here. Condition appears to be good, but I've never installed it, so I can't be 100% certain. Everything acts and looks like it should.
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