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  1. porcelanowy

    WANTED: Yamaha SR250 header pipe/exhaust

    Hello Still searching ;) I have found what i need in Spain but the seller will not send directly to Poland and payment only via bank transfer. If anyone from Spain could help, please feel free to PM...
  2. porcelanowy

    XS650 Rusty Redemption

    Hello I love almost all XS650 projects. My second ;) favourite vintage yamaha :) Stainless pipes look good. Trying to find something like this to my SR250 but no manufacturer has pipes specific for that model.
  3. porcelanowy

    SR250, get me close to the ton

    Hello OK, me again :D How did you manage to mount that seat so it looks good on your SR250? Got mine and it seats like this: Did you just bolt it down so the seat bends and fills the gap with the frame? Or did you do something magical? :)
  4. porcelanowy

    Ton up SR250: 100mph, 100kg, 30hp

    Hello I did 121km/h / 75mph on my “bone stock” 1981 SR250. But Yamaha almost died and I was in “sh…ng dog” position :D so that fairing looks good to me :) I love to watch progress in your 100mph build :) Hope to see you braking that barrier :D
  5. porcelanowy

    I want to indoctrinate my friends and family...

    Hello If less than 50cc is a must maybe some 50cc enduro from China? Relatively cheap, if something breaks it is dirch cheap to fix/replace. You can find sizes from small pit bikes to grownup enduro, with something that might interest you inbetween. You can find without lights or with full set...
  6. porcelanowy

    BSA Lightning Bobber

    Hello Yeah, and both are loosing bolts and pieces like hell. Keep them away because sometimes getting back a lost part can last a day or two and be a little stinky. Unfortunately that is from my own experience... ;) :D
  7. porcelanowy

    WANTED: Yamaha SR250 header pipe/exhaust

    Hello I have next MOT in march 2022, so there is some time ;) :D
  8. porcelanowy

    Another Yamaha SR250 build. Grand Rapids, MI.

    Hello I was considering TT/XT250 option, but I am not convinced it would suite street bike. I must say yours, as it is, looks good :) Will you be bracing it under the engin? I have a small can on mine. Well, it is loud :D
  9. porcelanowy

    WANTED: Yamaha SR250 header pipe/exhaust

    Hello Best option. Too expensive for me unfortunately.
  10. porcelanowy

    WANTED: Yamaha SR250 header pipe/exhaust

    Hello I am looking for a Yamaha SR250 header pipe (mounting bracket not required). Ideally from engin mounting flange up to the muffler plus that part that goes into muffler (but that not necessery) Or full exhaust, but that will cost fortune to send ;) :) If you got one. If you are willing to...
  11. porcelanowy

    Another Yamaha SR250 build. Grand Rapids, MI.

    Hello Very very nice and clean motorbike. And kudos for fast build :D Mine flows like cold molasses ;) What do you think doing with the exhaust?
  12. porcelanowy

    BSA Lightning Bobber

    Hello Pipes looks loud ;) and they should be :) Very nice bob :D
  13. porcelanowy

    1971 Honda SL70 Barber Small Bore Bike

    Hello I am affraid that is a Harley rider face :( Does he wave to nonHarley bikers? ;) :D
  14. porcelanowy

    V Star 650

    Hello Mad scientist project :) I love that kind of garage porn :D Now the back of the bike do not match the crazy front :) so I assume, there are plans for the rear end also?
  15. porcelanowy

    FZ600 vintage race bike

    Hello How about a white fender? Just saying... ;)
  16. porcelanowy

    The perfect bobber platform...

    Hello Suzuki 800 Marauder - because it is such a pretty bike when it is stripped from all of the factory cr...pp ;) :) And that USD fork - yummy :D
  17. porcelanowy

    new cb175 project

    Hello Got it, thanks for the info :)
  18. porcelanowy

    new cb175 project

    Hello Does the 3D printed tank need some kind of sealant inside to hold petrol in order to not to melt ;) or something? :) The fairing looks awesome :) Very interesting project :D
  19. porcelanowy

    "A Bird in the Hand" take 2. DR650 Deadtail Bobber

    Hello Not for my back ;) but I love the simplicity of bobbers :) Love to see parts custom made for a project. I will follow this one :D
  20. porcelanowy

    Cafe XV920R Mega-Build

    Hello Wow, that came out right, euphemistically speaking ;) :D Any chance of hearing those pipes? They look awesome :) p.s. But why so serius? You should put a smile on that face ;) :D
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