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  1. john83

    BSA Lightning Bobber

    Doing a little window shopping on FB marketplace last week and ran across this hard tail BSA. The seller said he'd had it a few months and had been riding it but couldn't get it to start any more and it's not getting spark. The ad said he was interested in trades so I offered up my CB550. He...
  2. john83

    CB550 Bobber-Junkyard Dog

    I've always wanted a hard tail bobber chopper. Last week I saw this hard tail frame on the local CL. Seller said he was selling it because the motor had locked up and he'd gone on to different things, it had a CB500 motor in it. I happen to have CB550 that I was working on making a cafe racer...
  3. john83

    1978 CB550
  4. john83

    Bike for an amputee

    So I have a friend who lost an arm just above the elbow a few years ago. He contacted me the other day about modifying a motorcycle so he can ride again. Right now he plans on moving the throttle to the left and using one hand for the throttle and clutch then making some kind of linked brake...
  5. john83

    WTB 1978 Honda CB550 stator.

    I need a good, functioning stator for 550. Let me know what you've got.
  6. john83

    '78 CB550 -correct firing position at full advance?

    The previous owner of my CB550 installed a full Dyna 2000 ignition on it. The one that not only replaces the points but also get's rid of the advance mechanism and controls ignition electronically. It also has a few spark advance curve settings. Maybe over kill for this little bike but hey, it's...
  7. john83

    1978 CB550 not charging

    First off, yes I know there are a bunch of threads related to this but so far I haven't found one that helps solve my problem. Second off, this my bike does not have a stock wiring harness. PO rewired the whole bike and installed a solid state R/R. The bike will crank and run but doesn't seem...
  8. john83

    GL1000 or 1100 exhaust.

    PO of my project bike tried to weld up the rust holes in the exhaust. Didn't work out. Let me know what ya got.
  9. john83

    A new bike that I would actually be interested in.

    Don't see a price listed on it but I think it looks really cool.
  10. john83

    1976 Honda GL1000

    I've been watching this thing sit under the carport of a house up the street from me for almost a year now and I've really been needing a bigger bike for two up trips. The girlfriend has never been happy with the back seat on my Thruxton. I deliver pizza part time while I'm in school and just...
  11. john83

    What's a good price on a CB350? Opinions sought.

    This is on the ATL Craigslist. Think I'm gonna call the guy in the morning. Does this seem like a decent price? Of course I don't plan on paying his asking price.
  12. john83

    CB 550 on Atlanta Craigslist
  13. john83

    Georgia Moto Ryder Hooligan Run Little ride that a local Atlanta riding group is putting together. GMR was started by DTT members and has been having monthly meet ups. Just so happens it's the same weekend as the Spring Thaw but it might be a little closer for...
  14. john83

    Inaugural Georgia Moto Ryder Hooligan Run

    Georgia Moto Ryder is a facebook/riding group started by DTT members in and around Atlanta. They've been having monthly meetups and rides for several months now. Some of the members have started planning a Blue Ridge Parkway run in May of 2013. I'm attaching a link to the facebook event that has...
  15. john83

    Movember- fight prostate cancer!

    I'm participating in Movember this year. I'll be growing starting the month clean shaven and growing a mustache for the whole month to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer research. Check out the web site here. Sign up and participate or just donate...
  16. john83

    Anyone north of Atlanta?

    I just came back from Barber and it was a blast. I know there are lots of cool motorcycle happenings around Atlanta but I don't often have the money/time to attend that stuff. I'm up here in Rome and it's a bit of a ride to even get down to Kennesaw. Anyone located up here in the boonies like me...
  17. john83

    Damned Wiring!

    Dammit, I hate electrical issues! I thought I would treat a fried regulator as an excuse to replace my hacked up wiring with a decent stock harness. It's turning from a simple plug and play job to a dammed pain in the ass! I may have been sold the wrong harness and/or am missing some parts of...
  18. john83

    GL1000 clutch problem- I think.

    My brother just got a 78 GL1000 the other day. I took it for a spin and noticed the front end was pretty mushy and when I got back there was some sort of oil on the tank. I noticed that there are a couple of set screws (?) in the top of the forks and when I compress the forks oil seeps out of...
  19. john83

    USO and Wounded Warrior Project benefit ride.

    Just thought I would post this up here. It's local for me and I'm a big fan of the charities that the money goes to. If some of you guys need an excuse to come ride up through the country this is your chance.
  20. john83

    2004 Triumph Thruxton-$5000

    Here is a link to my craigslist ad with all the details. It's a great bike but I'm ready to swap it for some cash and hunt for a project.
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