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    Cafe racers in Spain - Barcelona?

    Is there anyone here who happens to be knowledgeable about bike building in Spain? I'm relocating from Denmark to Barcelona in December and I have a half finished SR500 flat tracker project, that I would hate to leave behind. Basically I'm wondering if it's possible to get it road legal in Spain...
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    SR500 street tracker from boxes

    This is the starting point, an ‘84 48T frame, a 2j4 engine that was taken apart for unknown reasons, a pair of 18” spoked wheels, no seat, tank, forks or shocks, but a few boxes of old dirty bolts and bits. First goals are to get the engine sorted and a rolling chassis. I split the rest...
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    Should I change this cam chain guide?

    I bought a SR500 in boxes and am trying to catalog what is missing or need replacing. On of the cam chain guides has some marks in the surface, does that warrant replacement ? Sent from my iPhone using DO THE TON
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    Making a 12" Cone Engineering exhaust quieter?

    I love the look of my short Cone Engineering reverse megaphone, but the police here has recently started cracking down hard on noisy exhausts and it's honestly quite loud. Cone Engineering sells their "Quieter Core" exhaust, but it's 18" and not the look I would prefer. Does anyone have any...
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    Reverse cone muffler with 2.25" / 57mm inlet in Europe

    I've only managed to find Cone engineering and Lossa engineering sellings these and both are US based. Would prefer to avoid the import taxes and the usual circus of import packages stuck in post office for weeks.
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    Offset brake stay?

    I swapped the rear on my Yamaha TR1 for a CB750K '79 and put on a 5" rim with a 170/55 tire. I have everything lined up, but am now considering what to do about the brake anchor plate stay/arm (not sure the correct name, torque arm maybe?) as it no longer clears the wheel. I need about 2 cm to...
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    Brake shaft diameter? Need measurements xs,rd,cb

    Trying to figure out how to hook my Tarozzi rear sets up to the splined brake pedal shaft on my TR1. I see Tarozzi has a lever that fits XS650, XS750, Xs860, RD350,rd400, CB350+cb400 and wonder if any of those has a 19mm shaft like the TR1. Do if someone with one of those models can measure the...
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    83 Yamaha TR1 cafe build

    I'm far from the first one to do a build based on the TR1 or XV920, but here is mine. I bought the bike back in December and got a ton of spares with it, including a whole bike with 2600 km on the clock, but with no papers and with frame/engine number that some previous owner hammered in...
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    Lacing a used rim to different hub?

    I have a CB750K7 rear hub that I'd like to fit with a rim around the 17" x 4.25 size. Looking at my options, 40 hole rims in that size are a little pricey, especially since I'm in europe and will get hit by import fees with anything from the US. However ebay has some used Harley Dyna and Triumph...
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