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    Saw the new triumph speed triple
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    suzuki gsx250 spoke wheels

    Check out Mikes XS for rims.
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    99 legacy SUS, 30th Anniversary project..

    Here's one that was made in NZ:
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    WTB Benchmaster/Duro mill currently at $660. Bid ends at 12:16 cdt
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    CognitoMoto Rearset & Rear Master Cylinder Setup

    How about a banjo bolt with a switch, like this:
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    1999 Honda Sevenfifty bratstyle cafe racer.

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    I'd like to nominate johnu's Triumph tr5mx. It looks like it's done!
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    Cycle Kar(t) now Electrathon car

    If you haven't already, take a look at the solar car design reference material, . The math in there is way above my pay grade but it may be of use to you.
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    1975 CB125 Tracker project

    Or you could etch it like Trek97 or Irk. I'm sure your son has some design he'd like to add.
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    SR250 Forks? and a twin leading shoe? Maybe off something else? tell me :-)

    Yours look very similar to these:
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    Help with Honda CJ360T Carburetor settings

    Take a look at Trek97's write-up on 360 carbs. It should answer most of your questions. I made a hard copy of it and added it to my shop manual.
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    Cb360 Reassembly Help

    I assume you sorted the clutch. What was the problem/cure?
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    Cb360 Reassembly Help

    Something you said yesterday has me confused: When I start the bike and i can put it in gear, its like the clutch isn't actuating at all. If you can put the bike in gear while running the clutch must be disengaged. Another question, does the kick starter turn the motor? If not the problem is in...
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    1973 CL 350 Scrambler Steering Head Bearing Question

    Here is a link to the FSM:
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    1973 CL 350 Scrambler Steering Head Bearing Question

    The Honda 350 parts manual says 37 are required, and if it is like the 360, 18 are in the top race and 19 are in the bottom.
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    Right rocker arm shaft bolt came out on the way home...

    Another thing to check is to see if you have the updated slipper tensioner installed. The tensioner holder appears to be the old version, which would indicate the slipper has not been updated. Here are the Honda bulletins:
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    1982 CB750F...Better Devil

    You need one of these:
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    SR250 scrambler

    Take a look at Jadus' project here:
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    Norton Dominator 99

    Great work as always!
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