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    "RATTLE CAN" BLING! ...everything is here!

    Read all 34 pages and haven’t come across the answer to my question. I’m using duplicolor hi-build fleet coating gloss black enamel. Question is, can I spray primer then the paint in one session? As in the 2-3 coats of primer, then the 2-3 coats of paint all back to back?
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    83 Yamaha TR1 cafe build

    Would love to see what you did with the rear sets. I’m holding off on ordering a set, for the reason you stated above.
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    Nibs in Enamel

    Any tips or advice to remove the dust specks I unfortunately encountered in this rattle can job I just finished? Paint: Duplicolor Fleet coat gloss back enamel Material: cast iron
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    Yamaha XV750

    This thing turned out awesome. I love how you changed directions midway through the build, rather than just finishing what you started. Major Kudos for sticking true to you vision and it obviously paid off. Great looking build! I enjoyed binging through the thread! Question, what did you use to...
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    HollywoodMX's xv920/TR1 Cafe super-dupe!

    Just binged this build any updates on the finished product?
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