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    So a while back I bought one of the 30l ultrasonics. I didn't use it for a while, but now I have a few hours of use on it. When I bought it they were $320 on amazon, $220 on ebay. It'll easily fit a rack of carbs for a 4cylinder or small engine cases. I've run a complete but torn down rm250...
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    89 RM250

    So I picked this up cheap with a "stuck" motor with the intention of swapping an XR200 motor in to make a trail bike with good suspension. Once I got it home I had the motor un-stuck in a few minutes. A little kroil in the cylinder and rock it with a ratchet. Carb and reeds were trashed...
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    Cr80 4stroke?

    So I have my 79 XL75 and it has a built XR100 motor in it. 120cc, cam, HV oil pump with cooler, ported head, and while it's fun for how ridiculously over-powered it is, it just has terrible suspension. I still have the original motor, just needs a piston and bore, so it'll go back to original...
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    Taking the blaster out

    First time taking the blaster out, unfortunately my laptop is too old to do video editing. So this is just the first 8 minutes of the trail. The camera is an akaso brave 6 plus, stabilization works pretty good and the video is decent for something that costs 1/3rd of a hero8.
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    garage assembly

    So at the end of february I left washington state and sold the house there. Unfortunately despite having a job lined up things didn't go as smooth as I had hoped and after getting laid off for 3 weeks it took longer to get a house than I hoped. I got called back to work and bought a house, so...
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    Utility trailer rebuild

    Well I posted about this in the what did you build today thread, but I'll start this to keep up with changes on it. It was picked up with title off offerup for $200. First I had to fix the tongue. It had 2 pieces of round tube welded on with the coupler spot welded onto those. Fixed that...
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    Bad shipping companies

    Ok, I know everyone has had packages late, damaged etc from every shipping company out there. Ontrac who is used by a few places selling bike parts has been the worst I have dealt with recently. Multiple packages coming through them have had tracking updated daily for a week or longer saying...
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    Mini Enduro

    Well, I picked this XL75 up a few weeks ago and finally got it running. The carb was so clogged I put an xr100 carb on. Coil was a "universal" 6v/12v thing that must not have liked the AC supplied to it, so with a proper coil spark was much better, new points and it has a bright blue spark now...
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    Kawasaki bringing the W back

    So a dealership near me has one on the floor and it is back on the US website. The W800 is finally replacing the short lived W650 here. A little under $10k, aimed at the vintage/cafe market now.
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    Simple XS

    So I traded my 73 triumph spitfire with a toyota drivetrain for a 1980 XS650. Wiring might as well have been missing, it had a tail hoop that was made out of some chrome shower tube or something, but it is titled running and riding. It has a homemade exhaust that looks decent, but it's going...
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    XR600R "ran when parked"

    Ok, so I picked this up the other day at $100 because it seemed like a deal. It is a classic "ran when parked, but won't turn over now" deal. Supposedly left out for a couple days with no spark plug. First thing I noticed is a broken shift shaft, then I went to pull the top end off. Pull...
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    CB400F, the water bike.

    So I'm calling ut the water bike for the 1/2 gallon that came out when I pulled the sump off. A friend gave it to me, it had belonged to their uncle and left behind their parents garage for years. Well the uncle passed away, the bike was moved from behind the garage to behind the barn until it...
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    69 SL90

    So the other day I picked up a pair of 69 SL90s. One is mostly complete, the other not so much. So my plans are to do a restomod on the red one. Stock parts that I don't have are the tail light, handlebar controls, kickstand, and battery cover. So a relatively short list of parts. The...
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    EFI conversion

    Ok, as some of you know I have an XS650 that I am converting to EFI. I have it running and have even gone on a few short rides but have a good bit of tuning left to go. So this will be a basic write up of the steps I took to get to this point. EFI needs a few things to work, An ECU, sensors...
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    unintentional environmentalists?

    So if you think about it, building custom bikes or cars at home recycles a bunch of parts. My current bike has parts from 9 or 10 different vehicles. Do you guys agree, or think I've lost my mind?
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    Velocity stacks

    Ok, so I posted this over on the XS forum but thought I would post here as well. I have noticed the vast majority of velocity stacks either don't have a filter, or use a screen which is more restrictive than a good filter. So for my bike I made a set of stacks that will let me mount a Uni pod...
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    Spitfire GTS

    So this spitfire started out stock, pickes it up cheap because it sat for over 20 years. Drove it a few months stock, then ripped the drivetrain out for an upgrade. Swapped in a toyota 4age with a t50 from an ae86 corolla. After a little while I pulled off the stock intake and threw a set of...
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    The Wheelmaster

    I picked up my wheels today from the Wheelmaster in Auburn, Wa. Very nice gentleman runs the business with his son and they did an amazing job on my wheels. Front wheel is a Cb550 hub I modified to fit a 2012 ninja axle, laced to a 17x3.5 rim. Rear is a Kz750b hub laced to a 17x4.25 rim...
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    LED strip tail lights

    Ok, so I ordered 2 different styles of ebay LED integrated tail lights. this one arrived first. Since my bike is not...
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    champion tracker seat tube

    If you want to run a champion seat on your bike, but aren't sure where to start for the hoop to look right, I have the hoop for you. It is 1" .085 wall DOM tubing, bent to match the champion seat. I'm asking $130 shipped in the continental US. Overseas I can get a quote if needed. Attached...
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