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    Cafe racers in Spain - Barcelona?

    Is there anyone here who happens to be knowledgeable about bike building in Spain? I'm relocating from Denmark to Barcelona in December and I have a half finished SR500 flat tracker project, that I would hate to leave behind. Basically I'm wondering if it's possible to get it road legal in Spain...
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    CB 125s: Engine Rebuild Pics and Questions!

    Never too late to finish it :) How is the rest of the bike, lots of work needed?
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    Brodie's electric board track bike

    Love board trackers. Following :)
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    SR500 street tracker from boxes

    Finally the lights arrived and i could start mocking up a bracket. It’s going to need some adjustment to make sure they are aligned and not pointing too much up, but so far, so good. Very nice quality leds and super short houses so i have no issues with clearance when turning. Sent from my...
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    Lets see your front end swaps!

    Check if you can find wheel bearings that have the same OD as the original virago bearings and the same ID as the gsxr axle. You'll need to have spacers fabricated also.
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    SR500 street tracker from boxes

    Thanks for the input on the lights. I pulled the trigger on them and will see whenever they arrive how it works in reality. In the meantime, I had an hour to spare and using it to do a bit of fabrication. I was missing both the speedo drive and all front wheel spacers. The bike-right side...
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    SR500 street tracker from boxes

    Quick Photoshop to see how it would look with a number board and dual LEDs. Would prefer a single but I can’t find any combined low/high beam LEDs that are not ugly or too long. I am a bit worried this might break the style a bit and look too modern. Yay or nay? Sent from my iPhone using DO...
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    Yamaha SR250 Cafe/Brat

    Did you paint the rims with spray cans? I've been wondering how that holds up, or if powder coat is needed for it to stick.
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    1975 CB125 Tracker project

    Looks good with the side cover. I'd definitely go for that. As was mentioned international shipping seems to be really messed up now. I'm in Europe, and recently had parts come from Thailand in 4 days and then on the other hand I am now waiting 2 months for a camshaft from the US. It's a...
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    YZF750/1000R - The Fly 5

    Nice project. I used to own a purple/white FZR600R, the euro version of the first year YZF600, with it's sort of fake USD forks. Your bike is like the grown up version of it :)
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    1983 XV500 Cafe Racer

    That exhaust header is shaping up very nicely. Love the machine work.
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    A Motorcycle Motorcycle Sidecar

    That's nice. I don't have a car, just motorcycles so that would really come in handy :)
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    SR500 street tracker from boxes

    Spend a bit of time with the glue puller trying to remove the worst of the dents. It needs more and I havn't really started on the large ones on the underside. But since it’s an aluminum tank, it’s quite a bit harder, steel just kind of springs back. Still, I am happy about the initial results...
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    SR500 street tracker from boxes

    Part of it is that I’m missing the nut that sits above the upper steering stem bearing, so that one doesn’t actually sit down in the race. This makes the stem not centered in the steering tube and changes the rake. Hopefully when all the parts are there, it’ll be a bit more sensible - I like...
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    SR500 street tracker from boxes

    Spooned some Heidenau k60 scout tires on. 4.00 on the front and 140/80 on the rear. First time I tried fitting tires on anything but bicycles and it was hard and frustrating and I ran out of beer but I managed in the end. Only broke one inner tube. Sent from my iPhone using DO THE TON
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    SR500 street tracker from boxes

    Very helpful, thanks! Sent from my iPhone using DO THE TON
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    SR500 street tracker from boxes

    Nice! Good shape on the seat and not too thick. I am debating if I should get an actual seat made and upholstered or just run a piece of foam cut to size and glued on. Still not sure :) How did you mount the fiberglass to the frame? Bolts hidden under the upholstery? Sent from my iPhone...
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    SR500 street tracker from boxes

    Both wheels build up again and some fresh rubber is on the way in the mail. Can wait to be able to roll it around. I’m also trying out a Storz style flat track rear. I think it can work well with the XT tank. Sent from my iPhone using DO THE TON
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    SR500 street tracker from boxes

    Thanks I hope it will :) I really like doing things myself when I can, in fact I may actually like working on bikes more than riding :D But, in this case I had the local machine shop that bored my cylinder change the guides. I do have a press but I was a little worried about doing more damage...
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    SR500 street tracker from boxes

    Finally picked my hubs up from blasting and gave wheel building a try. It took a few tries before I got it right. I knew to lace the inner spokes first and I had another wheel to see the pattern from, but always messed up when flipping the wheel over and starting on the 2nd side. In the end I...
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