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    CL350 Clutch Question

    This is sort of a weird thing to search for, but I couldn't find anything. I recently got my '73 CL350 running, but when trying to get it to move, it stalled when I put it in first gear. I took both side covers off and inspected everything and found the pivot piece the cable attaches to wasn't...
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    Getting rid of slack in throttle tube

    Hey, I recently got this throttle cable and this throttle tube. I installed them and I can't seem to get rid of the slack in the throttle tube before the cable actually moves. I do have a lower bar, but it's not nearly as low as clubmans or clipons. How do I adjust all that play out? I have a...
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    How to make this seat look better?

    I've made my own seat pan for my CL350 and I got some 2" foam for it. I liked how the seat pan came out, but not so much with the foam on it now. The shape seems a little odd. Anybody have any tips for making this look a little better? The CL tank mount seems to make it difficult.
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    CL350 headlight and other wiring questions

    I'm making decent progress on my bike and I thought I was done with the wiring, but I have a couple issues at this point. 1. My friend gave me a headlight/bracket from a '66 Harley. I shortened all the wires and put in a 3-way (lo-off-hi) toggle switch. The problem is in key position 1, the...
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    Quick Q - what tools to remove rims on older CBs?

    Hey guys, I'm going to look at and hopefully pick up my first bike tomorrow and I was wondering what tools are needed to remove the front and rear wheels from the bike? I'm going to be taking my SUV and the bike should fit with the seats down and the wheels off the bike (I'm hoping anyway ...)...
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