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  1. J

    the evolution of my bandit

    figured i would pop up some pics... got the bandit out for the first time this year after the winter changes so i figured i would share the evolution of the bike got it on trade in for another bike i sold i needed a daily rider so this fit the bill could not rock stock after round 1...
  2. J

    2014 winter mods to my bob

    Figured it was time to share what i have going on... i loved my old fairing but it was just a bit too big for me and would not allow me to really cut turns hard... so after i sold my touring setup i went back to the drawing board... the fairings i have found on the market are just too small. so...
  3. J

    KZ house hopper updates

    had some time over the winter to make some changes to the lil KZ we call house hopper. use this to run back and forth between my and my brothers house. works great as a fun lil scoot, also we can strap it to the back of the truck if we go anywhere and want to take a bike. Just made some...
  4. J

    hooked up the go pro for a ride this weekend

    met up with some buddies to enjoy the day.. we went for a rip and i hooked up the go pro to try things out, wanted to share! was my brothers b day and my uncle hosts an ovarian cancer fund raiser for his late wife... of course i screwed up and did not turn on the go pro for the huge run of...
  5. J

    pics from the lawnmower race

    just figured i would share... our shop was asked to join a lawnmower race though some of the performance shops that we do powder work for... i will admit was got a bit ambitious with our build, we started on Monday night (7/15) and finished it up on fri... well saturday morning around 6am (7/20)...
  6. J

    lawnmower racer - built form: sled, quad, golf cart and scratch... 1 week build

    so our shop was asked to participe in a charity/drinking event this coming saturday... we have to build a racing lawnmower to do an oval race, drag, and tug-a-war... so we have been putting in some time to get it rocking after we close up every day... figured since it is a cool ass project i...
  7. J

    just finished my brothters z1000

    to much custom work to list... here are some pics all done on the road!
  8. J

    put some life back in the old girl (1979 Enticer 300)

    well my aunt called me and asked me if i wanted her old sled... old junk, hell ya i want it! this was the sled i used to ride around when i was 10 years old waiting to turn 12 so i could ride the trails legal... actually it was the first motor i have ever rebuilt... i leaned all about the drive...
  9. J

    Just finished another build

    figured i would show some pics.. lost of coating work, custom fabricated parts... HID headlight, turn sig relocation, supension upgrades... too much to list
  10. J

    finally put on some miles! and some of our shops recent builds

    I have been spending so much time in the shop and wrenching i have not got to ride much durring the fall (my fav riding time...) well i got home yesterday, wife took the little one... and i snuck away for about 2 hours... snapped some pics as I went! unreal how the cold air and the bike...
  11. J

    recently finished wide glide

    this one left the shop about a week ago figured i would post up some pics... here is what we did: labor: shave and cut air cleaner cover, new bars internally wired, dash removal, fork dissassembly/re assembly, tree removal, added fork boots, shave and lower shocks, new grips, lower belt guard...
  12. J

    murdering out a wide glide

    figured i would post some pics of the weekend project we have here for a customer.. doing gloss and flat black parts for powder
  13. J

    Dyna build for customer completed ... well for now

    here is one of the builds we just completed up HID lamp
  14. J

    Harley T sport build

    figured i would share... we are doing some pretty extensive work for a customer on his T sport... day he brought it home after a few changes and some pipes real tear down starts and some of the powder we have laid so far
  15. J

    Club style dyna build

    this has been an ongoing project for a customer... just wanted to share some pics of this round of work figured i would post up some pics of Chris bike did some powder, mounted up HID kit, upgraded fork bag stereo, upgraded bag lighting, added brake/running/turn to bag lights, re did...
  16. J

    Turning out some pretty sick powder workt his week!

    lots of black parts are shot daily but we have also been doing some custom work... here are some pics of some of the stuff we have been laying some color on this week lots of colors out there for powder! this is just a small section of our sample bottle displays
  17. J

    Was out for a ride last night and snapped some pics of the bandit

    was out for a scoot last night and snapped some pics
  18. J

    pics from this weekends Iron invasion run

    few of us on here (dave, Mike, and myself) joined up with 1/2 fast chicago and went on the invasion run... was a good time here are some pics why are so many cool ass cars rocking these?
  19. J

    Dented tank repair & powder coating

    we get allot of questions about repair on dented tanks... so figured i would show it done on this new tank we have in the shop for a forum member...there was zero filler used in this repair it was all done though metal work dents: stripped the tank and blasted the area to be worked...
  20. J

    My bike is in music video!

    Check it out! you will see a few shots of my scoot near the end!!! was a blast to shoot!
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