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  1. Kanticoy

    Project Ground Pounder -1981 Suzuki DR500

    So some of you know I turned a pile of DR500 that my buddy Jared got for $100 into a dual sport over the past several years. MK2 of that bike warranted a new titled frame from a later model DR650 so it left me with a nice titled frame for an 81 DR500. I’ve had this idea kicking around in my head...
  2. Kanticoy

    Project peer pressure ADV danger bike!

    Thanks in no small part to peer pressure from Mr. E and Deviant along with the Indy crew I started getting an inch and the only cure was more....enduro! As circumstances would have it the story starts with my buddy Jared going down to Batteries Plus for a battery for his bike one day and the...
  3. Kanticoy

    For Sale, 1975 CB400f Cafe Racer

    Up for sale is a bike a lot of you have seen throughout the years. It is one of my babies, but alas the time has come and I have a million bike projects around here and I'd like to "convert assets" into some of my other bikes, etc. I hate to do it, but I figured I would see what the interest...
  4. Kanticoy

    BMW r90s bitsa bomber

    So as a lot of you know I picked up a random BMW airhead on a whim and a tip from a guy I met at barbers. Turns out it was a titled 76 r90s. Score. It was missing a fair bit when I got it, but progress has been chugging on. So far I've built a new subframe, new seat, swapped tanks, started...
  5. Kanticoy

    Small rant

    I've noticed a trend lately of folks coming in, reviving threads over a year old with comments like "nice" "cool" "good work", etc. When i investigate, they're always less than 100 post counters. This leads me to believe that the "fill the forum with bs" trend is rampant just to gain a 10%...
  6. Kanticoy

    Motorcycle GPS

    I've considered using my phone, but wondered what you guys were using out there. I've recently discovered my love of getting lost on a bike and a GPS may come in handy after I get myself too deep into "lost" territory....
  7. Kanticoy

    BMW cylinder heads

    Need some good heads for an R75, R80 or similar for the resto....lemme know what you've got!
  8. Kanticoy

    It's end of winter, let's see the beards!!

    So i know there's a bunch of grizzly Adams looking dudes out there. Show em off before it gets hot and you shave them! Here's mine. And thank redbird, smajure, jussy, Dock, mr. E., Logan, and Matty for causing this thread to happen.
  9. Kanticoy

    1973 1/2 BMW R60/5 restoration.

    So a lot of you guys know that I picked up a BMW as a literal barn find a little while back. It had sat in a dilapidated house with a spark plug out of one cylinder since the 80's. It's 100% complete minus the side covers, and is in overall fair condition. The tins are straight with no dents...
  10. Kanticoy

    Gretta sucks.

    I was on another new member's thread earlier and offered help with their upcoming cb360 mono shock build if they needed it and posted a picture of Gretta. I had no idea that i had created such a piece of shit until Swivel informed me. I'm glad her pointed this stuff out. Back to building...
  11. Kanticoy

    Missing, keep a look out.

    Hey guys! Those of you at that epic event this weekend, keep your eyes open in your tool bags for a 1/4" drive Kobalt thru ratchet and a matching 9mm socket. I'm sure it got mixed up in all of the chaos, but I got's ta complete the lucky socket set! It was doing some major wrenching this...
  12. Kanticoy

    Never use these

    2:1 choke cables for mikuni vm's They have a tendency of leaking, making you think you are running rich and make your bike essentially run like hot garbage. Replace them with the plunger chokes and you have a new bike. Not that i would be so silly as to use them or anything....::)
  13. Kanticoy

    Feeling good. This has been a long time coming.

    So I have had every issue under the sun tuning a hot rodded CB360 known as Gretta. As some of you know, like at the previous Barber's, she rears her ugly head and does something foolish every time I try to go for a ride. Long story short, I have spent days on end getting her tuned. Turns out...
  14. Kanticoy

    Rd125 baffle

    Just need one, would gladly buy one if you cats have it! Wife needs it to ride. Mad science bitches!
  15. Kanticoy

    CB125 tank

    Need one, if'n anybody's got one! Something like this:
  16. Kanticoy

    Ready for Road Atlanta!

    Gretta got new rearset linkage, a carb clean and adjust, valve adjustments, oil change, ethanol free fuel, and a spit shine. Blasted around on her today and it brought a huge grin to my face feeling it run that good on snowmobile carbs (thanks Mike!). Here she is, ready to scare the masses...
  17. Kanticoy

    WTB Cb200 kickstart shaft

    Had a repair on my buddys bike done with a pin but alas it broke and now we need a new shaft. Any help appreciated!
  18. Kanticoy

    Mike Woulfe jacket arrived today...extremely impressed!!!!

    I came home today to find a nice box on the front porch. It is my Mike Woulfe leather jacket that I won at Barber's this year! First off I want to thank Jason and Herm at Dime City for having such awesome prizes at the show this year. Second I want to thank...
  19. Kanticoy

    To anyone with a regional DTT patch

    I would gladly buy one off of anyone that has an extra. Eddie (Xulf13) kindly gave me a DTT Triangle patch at Barber's this year. I won a jacket made by Mike Woulfe at the cafe bike show ( ), and I had the standard DTT patch sewn onto the front of it along with...
  20. Kanticoy

    Kanticoy Designs Garage. Construction in progress.

    Some of you guys already know this, but I am knee deep in the middle of my 1200 square foot 30x40 garage mahal. I still love you guys! I just wanna get the dream spot close to finished before Christmas. Just checking in and letting you all know that the force is still strong here in 'Bama...
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