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  1. Bama704

    ZX6r (04) forks & kerker header for sale

    I have an extra set of 04 ZX6r forks if anybody is interested. They will need new fork seals. Have not used them, I bought them in a big parts pick up and do not need them. $150 I will pay for shipping in US. Kerker header, came off of my 77 KZ900. $400 plus you pay for shipping.
  2. Bama704

    Kerker header for KZ900/KZ1000

    I'm selling my Kerker header and 12" reverse cone muffler. Just came off of my 77 KZ900. It has some scratches underneath, but there are no holes. Generally in good shape and it sounds great. Located in Charlotte, NC. $450 + Shipping
  3. Bama704

    PMC billet clutch release kit - anybody have one?

    I bought the PMC kit and while it arrived quick and it looks great, it came with no instructions. I'm at the point, where I can not get the clutch adjusted at all and if I torque down the bolts there is zero movement in the clutch mechanism. Anybody installed one before and have any tips. I...
  4. Bama704

    DGR 2021, May 23rd Worldwide!

    Who all is riding this year and where at? I will be riding in Charlotte, NC on my 1977 KZ900 If you are interested in donating to a great cause, I would be honored to ride with your support. On Sunday the 23rd of May, I'm riding in The Distinguished...
  5. Bama704

    1965 Honda CA95 Benly Touring (baby dream)

    *Updated Price $3200* I am selling my 1965 Honda CA95 Benly Touring (baby dream) located in Charlotte, NC 28211. It comes with the solo seat as pictured, but I also have the double seat as well as rear pegs. But considering it is a 150cc it is really only a single seater. I have been up to...
  6. Bama704

    wiring Motogadget Mlock WITHOUT m-unit

    Starting to wire up my mlock without the m-unit on my 77 KZ900. The directions are pretty poor at best but do come with a diagram. I have removed the ignition switch (4p connector), I cut the pin off and joined all together. Wiring the m lock solenoid #86 and #85 are straight forward, one...
  7. Bama704

    Kz900 front and rear suspension and wheels

    Am selling the stock suspension. Located in Charlotte NC 1977 KZ900 wheels and suspension Front forks, triples/stem, wheel, stock fender chopped, rotor, caliper, master cylinder, new black stainless steel lines Rear swing arm Rear spoke wheel, hub, drum
  8. Bama704

    KZ900 - updated suspension

    I am taking my '76 KZ900 and doing the swap to a 2003-2005 kawasaki 636 (zx6r) front end, I already have my KZ stem pressed into the 636 triple and it fits like a glove. I need to make the decision on using the clip-ons, or running some risers, would possibly need a new top triple to do this...
  9. Bama704

    selling my 2016 Triumph Bonneville T100

    Need to sell, let me know if interested. 2016 Triumph Bonneville T100 67XX Miles Custom exhaust British customs seat British customs rear fender delete clubman bars shorty front fender small indicators front and rear $9000 OBO Located in Charlotte, NC
  10. Bama704

    Can I bring my paint back to life?

    Can I bring my 77 KZ900 paint back to life? Is this an issue of the clear coat deteriorating or is it something else? Not too sure what I could do. I have waxed it and it doesn't change the appearance, what are y'alls thoughts?
  11. Bama704

    Clutch not working on KZ900

    Hey ya'll, My clutch is not working at all. The last time I rode the bike, a few weeks ago, I had no issues at all nor have I ever had any problems like this. Last year I replaced the clutch plates, friction plates, and springs. My oil is right where it should be in the sight window and it...
  12. Bama704

    1965 Honda CA95 (Baby Dream)

    I came across somebody selling a 1965 Honda CA95 pretty close to me with 2 parts bike to go with it. I decided I couldn't pass it up. Not sure what they are worth, but figured I would try to get it up and running and clean it up so the wife can ride it. Anybody have any experience with one of...
  13. Bama704

    Anybody know anything about a Toyota Publica Pickup??

    I am seriously considering making the purchase but don't know a damn thing about these trucks. Finding information online is pretty tough and I haven't been able to find a forum like this one for the truck. Anybody know anything about it? What are y'alls thoughts on it...
  14. Bama704

    wiring up new speedo/tach, kz900

    I was able to get most of my lights wired up, but I can't get the neutral light to come on. I just want to confirm that I am looking at my wiring diagram correctly. Looks like Positive (+) red/green Negative (-) Brown If so, that is how I have my new speedo wired up, and it's a no go...not...
  15. Bama704

    issues getting headlight ears to fit

    I feel extremely incompetent that I can not put this set of headlight ears on my bike. Does anybody have any suggestions? I ordered the 35mm (didn't realize it was universial fit, even though it asked me to specify fork size), but there were some strips of rubber that was included for me to...
  16. Bama704

    Probably a really dumb question

    I have yet to measure my valve clearances since I bought the bike, figured it was time. I have just over 15,000 miles on my 1977 KZ900 and she has been running pretty damn good for me since i got her at 12,000 miles. I took the valve cover and started doing my measurements. Intake | Exhaust...
  17. Bama704

    Would you trust your bike on this?

    Has anybody seen the Mototote? Slides into your tow hitch and supposedly is good to hold a bike up to 550lbs. What would your confidence level be driving with this? Would you buy it?
  18. Bama704

    Cracked friction plates

    I have been having a little trouble with the clutch on my 1977 KZ900, stock internals. After the bike gets warmed up, the clutch can get grabby and there is no smooth friction zone when releasing the clutch lever. It can make for some herky jerky starts at times, and I was getting pretty...
  19. Bama704

    High idle

    I was out riding a few weeks ago and about 1 1/2 hours into the ride I came to more of a stop and go pace. I noticed the idle kept wanting to climb when I was in neutral, so i adjusted the throttle stop on the carbs and it dropped down. Now to the present, I started the bike up and noticed...
  20. Bama704


    I'm looking at buying the M-Blaze disc However I also want to run with bar end mirrors. I love the ones motogadget has but don't really like their price at $258 for the pair...
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