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  1. JAGspeed

    Honda Hornet 599 Retro-Mod

    I picked a 2006 Honda Hornet up from a guy that had started to turn it into a café racer. lucky for me his skills didn't match his ambition. The rear part of the frame was already cut of and old cb tank was on the bike, but I have different plans. My idea was to combine an old 80's classic with...
  2. JAGspeed

    78 CB750 CAFE Resto-Mod Build

    I have started another cafe build using the tried and true CB platform. Tore the bike down just to discover the frame was bent. I have located another frame that is straight and will tear everything I need off the bad frame and start mocking it all up with the good chassis. I am going to use...
  3. JAGspeed

    Cafe XV920R Mega-Build

    So I finally got around to my XV920R project. I picked this bike up last year, but got sidetracked with my XS650 Tracker build. Just finished that one a couple of weeks ago. Now I can focus on this build. I have a lot of plans for this build so it could take a while, plus I need to out do my...
  4. JAGspeed

    XS 650 Street Tracker Mod-Style

    I Started My Tracker project about 6 months ago, and posted it on XS650 but never posted it to this site. So I wanted to share my progress here as well. I am pretty far along so I will get caught up with my progress over several posts. I started with a 1979 XS650 special. My concept was to...
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