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  1. drpoyser

    1977 CB750 K7 Restore/ Mod avec mon Pere.

    Hi all, I've been picking up all sorts of information from this forum for the last month or so whilst searching all the usual places of eBay, Gumtree etc.. to get a bike to work on with my Dad. After months of looking I've bought myself a CB750 K7 from an old chap up in Bradford that had been...
  2. drpoyser

    New Member from Stoke Newington, London

    Hi all, I found my way here a month or so back via the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club & Bike Exif blogs. At the young *cough* age of 34 I've finally got round to doing my CBT and will be taking my direct access later this month. I've been around bikes most of my life, my Dad being an avid biker...
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