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  1. Habanero52

    '73 CB750 Gas tank and Seat

    I am looking a gas tank and a seat for my '73 CB750. The bike I bought does nit have these.
  2. Habanero52

    3D Printed side covers

    These are a pair of side panels that have been drawn up in CAD and that I plan to 3D in Poly-carbonate. Any suggestions and or recommendations gentlemen as to who if anyone on the forum could print them?
  3. Habanero52

    1972 CB450 Lower Forks

    I am looking for a pair of front lower forks for my project. I am going to rebuild them so the only requirement is that they have little or no pitting. I only need the aluminum casings but I am willing to buy the compete forks. I live in MA so local would be best, but to a must. ;D
  4. Habanero52

    British Tag

    Can anyone tell me what these are and where I can get one?
  5. Habanero52

    La Pastinaca

    I have finally found the time to start posting my build of La Pastinaca, a 1972 Honda CB450. A good reference point for this build is then engine build that Joey of DWMS was so kind to take on for me. Here is that link. Now, I did not...
  6. Habanero52

    1972 CB450 Fork Springs

    I want to order a set of HYPERPRO Progressively Wound Forks for my '72 and a set of Y.S.S. PD Fork Valves. I have not yet taken apart the forks and before I do, I would like to see if I can get a base line of the following dimensions: Fork Tube ID The OEM Spring Length The OEM Spring Rate...
  7. Habanero52

    Magni Curved Megaphone Pipes

    I need some guidance here! I am putting together a CB450 CR that is named "La Pastinaca". Well it is going to have have s pair of curved megaphoe Magni pipes on it. (Purchased in Italy from Mr. Magni himself.) The questions i where can I go to in MA to get tubing bent and the pipes welded? Any...
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