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  1. stroker crazy

    ATGATT - Bangladeshi style.

    What could possibly go wrong?
  2. stroker crazy


    Just because it can be done doesn't mean it should be done!
  3. stroker crazy


    from Le Container :
  4. stroker crazy

    Data Dump

    I'm posting this here for a new member: if you have anything to add, please do.
  5. stroker crazy


  6. stroker crazy


    A fascinating story ...
  7. stroker crazy

    Vale Otis Rush ...
  8. stroker crazy


    You can't be too careful!
  9. stroker crazy

    Forget everything you know about motorcycling

    At Skylight Modern studio in New York City‘s Midtown fashion District about a week ago. For sale in Spring!
  10. stroker crazy

    Black Lightning

    A bit out of my league, but I'm glad it's come back to Oz: (colour photo by menacing ayu)
  11. stroker crazy


    Good luck to those in the Lone Star state! Crazy
  12. stroker crazy

    Kartoon Korner!

    The world might be going to hell in a handbasket, but at least cartoonists are fully employed!
  13. stroker crazy

    "the Mooch"

    Got to love the Mooch! A class act:
  14. stroker crazy

    Airbnb meets Uber!

    Have your bed delivered in Indonesia:
  15. stroker crazy

    Bye-Bye Batman

    Sidecar is a bit dubious:
  16. stroker crazy

    MAD MAX indeed!

    A great story, well worth reading all the way through!
  17. stroker crazy

    Nicky Hayden

    Bad news about Nicky Hayden:
  18. stroker crazy

    Canada is weird!

  19. stroker crazy

    Farewell to one of the greats …

    Vale John Surtees:
  20. stroker crazy

    The Future?

    Some interesting ideas from this company: The application of the Drumcharger to smaller capacity singles or twins looks worthwhile. Crazy
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