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  1. doc_rot

    I want to indoctrinate my friends and family...

    ....into motorcycles. The three biggest obstacles I'm facing are; they are scared of riding on the street, they don't have a license, they don't have a bike. My plan is to get a couple small cheap bikes to let them try out for some low stakes fun, see if i cant get them to make the leap to a...
  2. doc_rot

    Bandit 1200 6 pot calipers

    I got these for a project and ended up not needing them. They are in great shape just a little dirty. Pads have lots of life left and are clean. I believe these are the same calipers used on ZRX1200. $150 shipped in the US. willing to ship international with additional shipping.
  3. doc_rot

    Muggy Weld Carb Repair

    I had a BS38 carb that sat for a long time with water in it dissolving the float towers and seat for the needle valve. Other than this the rack was in great condition - in fact it is the first set up carbs I have personally encountered that did not have the pilot plugs drilled out yet. If the...
  4. doc_rot

    Make a slow bike fast - KZ750 Twin

    After talking to a guy in Canada about the KZ750 twin he races I have decided to build an all out track/race version of my own. I have been slowly accumulating parts for the engine and recently picked up a complete chassis for the build. Its the roughest bike I have ever bought. Literally...
  5. doc_rot

    Wheel set suggestions for custom build

    Im turning to the collective knowledge on this forum to see if anyone has any recommendations for a wheel set. Im looking for a wheel set that has a 17 x 3.50 front and 17 x 4.50 or 5.00 rear so I can run a 160 rear tire. front must have dual disk mounts and rear needs to be for double sided...
  6. doc_rot

    Switching from standard to radial MC

    I am in the process of switching clip-ons on a bike, the standard master cylinder will not fit in the new configuration. I'm pretty sure there will be plenty of room if i switch to a radial MC design. The brake setup right now is amazing. Dual 41mm twin piston calipers (4 pistons total) and a...
  7. doc_rot

    Best way to ship an engine?

    I have a buyer across the country, but the cost of freight is souring the deal. quote was for $500 - 24" x 24" x 36" pallet 150 lbs. Is freight the best way to ship? if i can get shipping cost down i think he will pull the trigger. any suggestions appreciated.
  8. doc_rot

    Thinking about building a race bike. WERA vs AHRMA

    So I have gotten the itch to do some vintage road racing. I have done a couple track days over the years but that is all. I would be building a KZ750 twin overbored to 906cc. After talking with a guy racing one in Canada I think I can get the weight down to 350lbs with 80-85HP. The classes I...
  9. doc_rot

    Show me your motorcycle lifts/benches

    My back is not what it used to be and stooping over bikes is killing me. I’m torn in between a adjustable height lift for ease of use, and a fixed height bench for the additional storage. What are you using? Pros/cons?
  10. doc_rot

    Plain bearing twin crankshaft services?

    I would like to have a crankshaft for my KZ750 twin balanced. I used Falicon last time but they got bought up and no longer offer crank services. I called APE and they wanted nothing to do with it because its a twin. Does anyone have any recommendations for a reliable shop that can balance a...
  11. doc_rot

    who do you use for insurance?

    I just got hit with major sticker shock. trying to insure two of my bikes in CA is going to be $1900. previously in WA its was $800. Turns out all those ambulance chaser billboards I have been seeing play a factor on insurance rates here. I was using progressive, they have been good and...
  12. doc_rot

    KZ750 BS38 Carbs

    if you are looking for carbs for your big twin, look no further. These are probably the cleanest BS38 carbs you will come across....ever. No expense spared in refurbishing them. >Ultrasonically cleaned >new gaskets >All new Mikuni jets, including the one year only (1980) pilot screws >Proper...
  13. doc_rot

    make LED taillight brighter?

    I have a aftermarket LED taillight that isn't very bright in the daylight. I'm wondering if there is a way to make it brighter without modifying the lamp itself. Suggestions?
  14. doc_rot

    What carbs are these

    I’m working on a CL360 for a guy trying to get it on the road. It came with these Mikuni carbs. I’m not sure what they are. Can anybody point me to info on tuning these carbs? Also any advice on a 2>1 throttle cable would be great. This one is too long and is binding.
  15. doc_rot

    KZ750 twin high lift spring kit

    I'm trying to gauge interest here and see if anybody would be interested in a group buy. The stock KZ750 springs achieve coil bind at .450" lift so the max lift that would be safe is about .400". I sent a KZ750 twin head to Kibblewhite Precision Machining and they have scoped the head and have...
  16. doc_rot

    looking for something I dont know exists

    I have mutipule ring terminals that go to the positive terminal on a battery. I want to put a boot on there to protect the terminal from getting bumped by the seat pan, but I cant put multiple wires through the terminal boots i have/can find. does a battery terminal boot exist for multiple wires?
  17. doc_rot

    fried connector on regulator

    Would a fried terminal on the ground wire from the regulator/rectifier be a symptom of overheating?
  18. doc_rot

    Trying to determine headgasket compressed thickness

    I'm trying to determine the static compression on my kz750 twin. I have all the figures i need except the compressed head gasket thickness. Everything i have found says "consult manufacturer" for these numbers. My plan right now is to throw in a gasket, compress it and then measure the thickness...
  19. doc_rot

    starter clutch sprocket refinishing

    The starter clutch sprocket on my KZ750 is worn with ripples where the rollers engage. I cannot seem to find a replacement, unless I want to buy used cranks, fingers crossed only to find out they have the same issue. I assume the sprocket is hardened which means that the surface will have to be...
  20. doc_rot

    Painting threads?

    I am in the process of rebuilding a shock and the threads that the preload adjuster screws onto are rusty. My plan is to sandblast, and put a very thin coat of Gun Kote on there. It has proven to be pretty durable before but this will be asking a lot from it. Are there any other suggestions to...
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