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    Mods vs Rockers Chicago

    Anyone planning to go? Will DTT have anything set up there? I will be in the Chicago area this weekend and planning to come by Delilah's Saturday. Thanks Bruce
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    highlights of 2012 man of isle's

    Don't know if this is already posted. I know a few people were looking to watch these races last week. I guess this is the best we have here in the states and canada.
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    HD dyna cafe racer (awesome!!!)

    Went to Smoky Mountain HD today, and did not expect this to be on display with the antique bikes.
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    1977 GS750 Cafe Build (getting close)

    Hey guys, just joined the forum a couple weeks ago, been looking around at all the builds on here, lot of good looking bikes. So I figured it was time to post my build. Bought the bike back in October of this year. It was not running, old gas and float bowl leaking badly. Had been sitting in a...
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    Hello All, Tenn

    Hello everyone Thought I would introduce myself. I'm Bruce from Tn, about 50 miles from deals gap. Working on Suzuki GS750, have been riding about 40 years now. This is my first motorcycle rebuild; I have restored several cars over the years, so the bike is looking fun, some what easy and cheap...
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