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    Shooting in CT

    +1, of all the shooting taking place in the past few months this one pisses me off the most, the young kids. What is wrong with people!!! I guess all we can do in the end is pray for the families. Love your kids and cherish each day you have with them.
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    Happy Birthday Hoosier, welcome to 50!!!
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    Building a Motorcycle completely from Scratch

    Thanks for posting the link 4eyes!
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    Building a Motorcycle completely from Scratch

    Here ya go
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    Softail bobber

    I have to say, it growin on me, and its different. Did you have to do a lot of mods to connect the softail shocks to that swingarm?
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    Pictures from the shop...

    Nice spread there Sonic.
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Pretty cool Bradj, I like to see a vid of you fabing somthing!
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    Softail bobber

    You had me, up untill the CBR rearend
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    DTT Photo Scavenger Hunt, Interactive Play Along,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was at the Crown Plaza for a work meeting Friday, when I seen they had red carpet I thought, wonder if they let me ride my bike into the lobby!
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    My daily ride - Lets see yours

    Didn't get much daily riding this year.
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    All great bike's, but I love a 400-4.
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Sweet!!! I may have to check out a few thrift store here.
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    What does everyone do for their "real" job?

    That is so funny ;D
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    DO THE TON Mama Tried 3 - Alabama 2012 - New and Improved with event pics!

    I was going to comment on this early, but I figured it was sarcasm. But, how Tim is going to slat flats, I guess he is using MPH speedo I've often ponder, back in the 60's, in the UK, when they broke the ton, was it by KPH or MPH( things were different back then) YEs, I've had to much to drink!!!
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    n00b alert!! 1973 Honda cb750 Cafe Project in different zip codes!

    Re: 1973 cb750 cafe project I would go with 69 chevy white paint with a black rally sport stripe. Just sayin
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    1977 GS750 Cafe Build (getting close)

    Thanks Guy's, I really need to get some more pictures up. Hoosier, I think I seen you do that on one of your post, I got my old fender and was ready to cut it up, but it cleaned up pretty good so I remounted it. Thanks Guys Bruce
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    1977 GS750 Cafe Build (getting close)

    Thanks Autotek, that's is the non smoking, non finished area of the man cave. Wife would beat my ass if I brought a motorcycle up stair's :)
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    "Cafe Racer" such a loose term! Craigslist "Gem" of the week!

    Thanks for the reply Autotek.
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