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  1. Ichiban Moto

    DTT Chicagoland Stickers

    Chicagolanders, If you didn't get your Chi sticker at one of the local shows this year, send me a DM. I have a few left. FREE of course
  2. Ichiban Moto

    DTT Member 20% Discount !

    DTT members- 20% OFF all merch. Use code: DTT20OFF at checkout!
  3. Ichiban Moto

    if he doesn't buy it, I will
  4. Ichiban Moto

    the last motorcycle on earth ?? !

    a trailer for a new independent motorcycle film project .... and yes. a sticker giveaway too ! will motorcycles survive?
  5. Ichiban Moto

    so... I'm giving away a GUN

    ;D details:
  6. Ichiban Moto

    You Can Help Ichiban Moto Support the American Cancer Society !

    Once again, there is a possibility my café racer "may not" be completed in time for me to participate in the Distinguished Gentelman's Ride on 9/25/16. I know, I know, right? So in support of efforts to prevent / cure prostate and all cancers: We are donating half of all Ichiban Moto ebay...
  7. Ichiban Moto

    Nickel Town Customs Tees and Collector Items

    ALERT ! I heard from a friend of a friend that Nickel Town Customs will stop selling tee shirts and transition to high end organic vegan pullovers :o I'm going to grab a couple of tees for myself. They will probably be collector's items in the future ;D As of now, the tee shirt link...
  8. Ichiban Moto

    a shout of for the National Motorcycle Museum

    The guys at the National Motorcycle Museum gave me a stack of stickers while I was at an auction last month. Anytime I send Ichiban stickers out, I will also include a National Motorcycle Museum sticker until they are all gone. ( for Ichiban mailbag contributors, anyone who sends me stuff for...
  9. Ichiban Moto

    How to easily tune filter pods

    Some of the most frequently asked questions and service requests are pod filter and carburetor tuning related. So I made a new video on how to tune them! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D Here is the video with a simple method of tuning filter pods : Here is the old video only for...
  10. Ichiban Moto

    brownie from Bike Boobs shows us how to dye moto plastics

    I'm back in Japan for the holidays, so brownie from Bike Boobs is filling in for me:
  11. Ichiban Moto

    How to rebuild a turbocharger ?

    easy " how to" video on turbo rebuilding: With the hot trend in custom motorcycles being forced induction, turbo rebuilding is an awesome talent to have. You will also impress your import tuner buddies with your mad skills !
  12. Ichiban Moto

    NEW ! Ichiban Moto Tees and Hoodies !

    YAY! Ichiban Moto tees and hoodies are available ! get them here: I launched this teespring campaign for a more than few reasons: - the very popular request for the small logo on front and large logo on back of shirts - all sizes are...
  13. Ichiban Moto

    Ichiban Moto Stickers Benefit the American Cancer Society !!

    So with "Giving Tuesday" tomorrow- It's a great time to benefit the American Cancer Society through the sale of Ichiban Moto stickers again ! All this week, (Nov 30- Dec 5), 50% of Ichiban Moto Sticker sales will go to the American Cancer Society through the ebay giving works program. Get...
  14. Ichiban Moto

    how to replace motorcycle fork seals?

    In this short video, we demonstrate the easy process of replacing those leaky fork seals ;D :
  15. Ichiban Moto

    Cheap Chinese Motorcycle Shocks ?

  16. Ichiban Moto

    something to do next summer on Monday nights in north Chi burbs

    I have been going to the Monday night classic car shows that are held each week all summer at the Old Orchard Mall. There are some great cars , they generally have live music and ice cream/ pizza slice vendors and it all benefits a vocational grant/ scholarship fund for kids. Last week was...
  17. Ichiban Moto

    Help Ichiban Moto support the American Cancer Society

    ** ended Oct 31, 2015, however we will do this again ** Once again, there is a possibility my café racer "may not" be completed in time for me to participate in the Distinguished Gentelman's Ride on 9/27. I know, I know, right? So in support of efforts to prevent / cure prostate cancer, I...
  18. Ichiban Moto

    how to chop and bob a custom motorcycle fender

    chop and bob video with tips and tricks from the pros ! :D :
  19. Ichiban Moto

    Everybody Loves Bad Ass Grinder Sparks ! Post your Pics and Vids

    September '015 Grinder Sparks Contest ! ;D Post your grinder sparks photo or video in this thread for your chance to win some bad ass Ichiban Moto stickers. The crew at Ichiban Moto will pick our favorite sparks from the posts at the end of September Video with angle grinder tips...
  20. Ichiban Moto

    **** diy homebrew paint stripper ****

    ... don't buy that expensive paint stripper from Nickel Town ;D ;D ;D ;D
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