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    '79 XS750 Yamaha Cafe Project

    My current project so far. 18" front wheel from a XS400. 41mm VFR750 front forks. Alloy clip ons. RD350 headlight. Rear sub frame redesigned to raise seat height and lay shocks down at a 45 degree angle. Stock XS750 gas tank lengthened about 4" to give it that IOM extra capacity look. Stock...
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    The Ton Up Ypsi

    Saturday Sept 6 2014. Be there or be square.
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    XS750 seat needed

    Looking for a 79 XS750 Yamaha standard seat and tail piece.
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    TX750 Yamaha resto & minor mods

    Just finished this one. A 1973 TX750 Yamaha. Total ground up restoration. Mods include, shortened front and rear fenders, custom made exhaust pipes, stainless steel spokes. All other parts & pieces either rebuilt, rechromed, repainted, polished or zinc plated.
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    Power Barn ?

    Anybody have experience dealing with the Power Barn ? Good ? Bad ? They are Gazi Shock dealers . I want to buy a pair but I've never dealt with The Power Barn.
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    Ballistic Batteries Thumbs Up or Down

    I'm on my 3rd Ballistic battery this season. I'm not sure if these batteries are capable of surviving in the rough and tough motorcycle enviroment. My charging system checks out fine, puts out about 13.8 volts at about 2500 rpm, but I've pooched 2 of these batteries in about 5 months of normal...
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    Introducing my TX750 Yamaha

    Photo of my TX750 at Bayfield old Bike Day. 1973 TX750 YAMAHA by albaljeu, on Flickr
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    Hi Guys, New here, from Sarnia On., Canada. Here's my current project. 1973 Yamaha TX750. Hoping to have it ready for Bayfield Old Bike Day, June 3 2012. TX750 YAMAHA by albaljeu, on Flickr
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    53mm yelocity stacks

    Hey, I'm looking for a pair of velocity stacks (with screens preferrably) to fit my solex carbs on a TX750 Yamaha. The end that attaches to the carb needs to be 53mm. Even something close that i could bore or bush would be great. Thanks
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