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  1. Luugo86

    CM200T Exhaust Question

    Have had great difficulty locating these as the header and muffler are a welded unit. My question is: will a CB200 exhaust header work with the CM200 cylinder head? Thank you in advance.
  2. Luugo86

    '82 GN125 My TW1G

    I recently purchased a 1982 Suzuki GN125 in very good original condition for a very low price. I know this may not be the most desirable of metric bikes, but I personally really like it. It had 1070 original miles on the clock, a fresh top end and carb rebuild, new tires, starter and battery...
  3. Luugo86

    Selling tanks/carbs/wheels-- Lancaster, PA--

    I am located in Lancaster, PA. All these prices are OBO to DTT members and include shipping costs. The tank prices are priced pretty fair, well below what you will find on Ebay for tanks in comparable condition. I would rather these things went to DTT members. 1.) Mikuni VM30 Carb kit: These...
  4. Luugo86

    71 XL100 for sale

    Making some space in the shop so I am selling my 71 XL100 project. This bike has a brand new lifan 125cc Honda clone engine, a brand new wiring harness made specifically for this bike by Sparck Moto, a new carb, new rear shocks, and a bin full of extra parts. It has very little rust, all of...
  5. Luugo86

    BSA C11G -- In search of !!!

    Hello Gents, I am posting because after a patch of tough sledding; adjusting to life post-war/combat injuries, and finally shook loose from my succubus ex-wife and I can look at replacing the lost horses in my stable. The first, and most important for me, to get back is the BSA C11G that I...
  6. Luugo86

    Lancaster, PA | 1973 Honda CL350 | $1800 OBO

    Hello, I am selling my 1973 Honda CL350. The scrambler pipes are in excellent condition. The bike has new carb kits installed, new Sparck Moto Regulator/Rectifier combo unit, new coils, condensor, brand new tires, new brake shoes and a fresh oil change. I have some spare parts that will go with...
  7. Luugo86

    Brand New Lincoln 'Tombstone' AC225 Welder

    Hey Brothers, I am posting this because I am looking to sell my Lincoln Tombstone welder. This welder has less than 3 hours of work time on it... It is in brand-new out of the box condition. It comes with a roller cart that I made, and 2 boxes of welding rods (one 7018, one 6011) You...
  8. Luugo86

    1946 BSA C11

    Hello everyone, I am listing my 1946 BSA C11 for sale. This is an unrestored beauty with 10k original miles. The bike has a clean title and all the paperwork. The bike starts on the first kick, every time. Starts, stops, runs, rides, shifts exactly like it was meant to from the factory. This...
  9. Luugo86

    Small displacement Vtwin

    I'm looking for a small displacement V-twin for a near future project. 350cc or below. Any pointers in the right direction or anyone that has one that would part with it please PM me. Thanks, fellas Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Luugo86


    Hey Fellow DTT folks, I am in need of two things... A CB100 or CB125 for a 1971 XL100 complete engine with good compression and the motor mounts; Nothing else is required. The second thing that I am in the market for is a CB175 for a 1971 engine in the same condition: good...
  11. Luugo86

    XL100 Cable-set

    Good morning Gents, I am sprucing up a 1973 XL100, I am not having too much trouble locating parts. however, the one thing that I cannot seem to find is a set of new cables. It's needs everything; Throttle, front brake, clutch... not running a tacho, rear break relay cable.... Any help...
  12. Luugo86

    Mid-State Salvage Yards?

    Hey Fellas, Im from Lancaster area.. Im looking to find a salvage yard to pick up parts and complete bikes from.. does anyone know of any? Thanks in advance.
  13. Luugo86

    Luugo's SL175 Winter Ho-Down

    Hey guys, I've been on here for about 3 years, and have built/worked on a few different bikes that I have owned/sold over the years and finally I am starting my first proper winter project build thread. I was fortunate enough to locate 2 1972 SL175s for a very good price of $140. They are both...
  14. Luugo86

    Can anyone ID this Tank for me ??

    Hey guys, like the title says, I picked this tank up from an open air market and I am trying to figure out what model bike it comes from. I believe it is a small displacement bike but as far as year and model I am lost... any input would be much appreciated !!
  15. Luugo86

    CL175 Performance Upgrades

    Hello everyone, I am not new to building or working on these vintage parallel twins, but I am new to the 175 platform. I am just looking for resources for mild performance upgrades to the engine.. oversize pistons, cams, valve springs, carbs, sprockets, that type of thing.. Any input...
  16. Luugo86

    Seat Pan Making-- Help Appreciated

    Hey everyone.. Ive got a fiberglass tail piece for my bike.. Im looking for any insight on how to make a seat pan from start to finished, upholstered, attached product. I wanted to use sheet aluminum or some thin sheet steel to make the pan, I guess Im hung up on how to get the padding and...
  17. Luugo86

    '73 CB350 -- First Build-- Dedicated to my Father

    Thought I would finally start this... ill throw some pics up and update a bit later. Basically just doing a tear down.. rebuild the engine so its fresh and tight. And Do a cafe build.. the inspiration is my Father's first bike a 1958 XLR Sporster, which I will post a pic of once I find it.
  18. Luugo86

    Luugo's upstart-- Need Sourcing

    Whats up my PA riding brethren. Im currently building a 73 CB350SS... I will start the build thread soon. What I am in need of is places that will do cylinder honing, valve lapping, bead-blasting for engine cleaning.. cyl head port/polish work... That sort of stuff.. Would be greatly...
  19. Luugo86

    CB 350 part-out SALE!

    This is a 1973 CB350K4, the bike is complete and all the components are original, and it nice shape. Only announcing this here and Honda Twins because fuck ebay/craigslist... I would rather help out my DTT brothers. If you need something send a PM to me, I will let you know if it is...
  20. Luugo86

    1975 CB200T CAFE.. VERY CLEAN!

    Gents, Ive liste my 1975 CB200T Cafe Racer for sale. I figured I would give my DTT Brothers the heads up on it.. Its a very clean bike, bill of sale transaction, however, I have all the contact info for the P/O who is very willing to transfer the title, I just never got around to it because...
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