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  1. J-Rod10

    Went to an auction Saturday

    In the middle of nowhere Arkansas. Local auction company that was unorganized as hell, didn't advertise anywhere but on FB Marketplace. One good thing there. Guy ended up outbidding me by a hair on it. 74 Duc DM750. Guy stole that thing at $9K. Not a common bike around here. Will likely see it...
  2. J-Rod10

    M-Unit Blue- CB1100F

    Anyone have a diagram of what they did? I hate wiring, this would make it far easier.
  3. J-Rod10


    Found the bike for $700 on the FB marketplace a month or two ago. Figured why not dump a bit of coin, and an insane amount of time in it. Have a Duc 748 swingarm I'm going to stick in there, 848 wheel (because it's damn sexy), R1 front end. I love the DOHC F tanks, so that'll be used. I've...
  4. J-Rod10

    CBR600F2 Front Forks

    Forks and triples. Popular swap on the DOHC Hondas. I used a set on my CB500. $175 shipped in the US. Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  5. J-Rod10

    Swingarm pivot width- 01 Duc 750SSie

    Anyone happen to know the width at the pivot? Considering picking one up, want to take a gander at what my options are for a swingarm swap, without a terribly large amount of machine work to line it all out.
  6. J-Rod10

    GSX-R Front End

    Forks, trees, and calipers off a 91 GSX-R 750 Slingshot. In good shape. Probably use some seals. Bike has been sitting for a long while. $350 shipped, in the US. Also have the front and rear wheel if wanted for a build. Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  7. J-Rod10


    Anyone else heading down for the GP this weekend?
  8. J-Rod10

    Mid-Ohio Question

    I know several of you guys go up there yearly. I'm going to make it back up there this year, hopefully. After talking to the folks up there yesterday, they have three vendor options. The swap meet, premium vendor spots, and another area that they have builders, etc. I haven't been since...
  9. J-Rod10

    Barber 2018

    Got this in the mail today. They are adding 300 more vendor spots this year. By the looks of this, they'll be located in a different area. The existing 20'x20' spots are rising in price again. I believe this will put them at $200 per. Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  10. J-Rod10

    Lodge & Shipley Lathe

    Figured I'd toss this on here too. Getting rid of my Lodge before I move in to my new shop. Need something smaller, really. 14" swing, 60" between centers. Has a Bison 3 jaw on it currently. Have the 4 jaw, and 3 jaw it came with, along with a few different sets of jaws. Have a couple quick...
  11. J-Rod10

    Cyber Monday Rear Set Sale

    Today only. CB350T- $185 CB350F- $150 CB360- $185 CB450- $185 CB500/550- $150 CX500- $325 CB750 SOHC (Non-SS)- $150 XS650- $185 RD250/350/R5- $285 Universal- $80 Be $13.40 to ship them in the US. Get with me for international shipping. Bike specific kits include everything to lace up and...
  12. J-Rod10

    1991 Slingshot

    Got the winter project rolled in the shop. First thing to do. Find out exactly what alloy was used for the frame. Then I'll know what filler is needed for welding a new subframe on, and the process to heat treat it once welded. As for now, sketching out how I want her to look. Sent from my...
  13. J-Rod10

    RD400 Tank

    About as dent free as you're going to find. Paint is scratched up, but I don't see any dents in it. Inside could use some metal rescue. Nothing more than a bit of surface rust inside. $200 + the ride. Should be around $20-$25 to ship in the US. Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  14. J-Rod10

    RD350 Forks

    Forks, triples, caliper, master, and new brake lines, axle, and speedo drive. The forks have a fresh set of seals and caps. Caliper has been rebuilt, along with the master. Going a different route on the build. Very solid set of forks. $300 + the ride. Ready to lace up and ride. Sent from...
  15. J-Rod10

    CBR600 F2/3 Fox Shock & F3 Rear Wheel

    Fox Twin Clicker- Off a low mileage bike. Had 10K on it when I got it. $250+ the ride. Run you north of $600 new. F3 Rear Wheel. Popular on the DOHC's. $150+ the ride. Shipped some last week, ran $35. Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  16. J-Rod10

    CBR Front Ends

    CBR600F3 complete front end. Forks, triples, clip-ons, clutch perch, master cylinder, calipers, discs, and wheel. 41mm forks. Keep the classic fork look, with upgraded, adjustable suspension. $400+ the ride. CBR600F3 Front end. Forks, wheel, triples, calipers, and discs. $300 + the...
  17. J-Rod10

    Triumph Smiths Gauge Set

    Came off a T-140. Housings and faces are spectacular. Came off a bike with 9700 miles. Glass will need to be replaced on the speedo. It was cracked somehow or another. 10K tach, in stellar shape. I see some ads say they work on the T120, and TR6, some BSA's and Norton's, but I'm not certain on...
  18. J-Rod10

    Jones WM2.19- Made in England

    Wheel is is pretty good shape, could do with some steel wool and WD40. Has a brand new Firestone on it. $125 + the ride. Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  19. J-Rod10

    Old Springer Front End

    Not sure what it came off of. Was in a lot of Triumph parts I bought. It's heavy, the chrome is no good. It'll have to be blasted and powdered/painted. $200 + the ride. I should be able to ship it anywhere in the US for $35. Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  20. J-Rod10

    Triumph T-140 Seat

    Pristine original T-140 seat. No tears, no rips. Pan is in great shape. $150 + the ride. Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
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