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  1. BCBarker

    6061 Aluminim

    Got the drops from a CNC Laser cut project I did. Thinking of making something for your bike but don't want to buy big pieces? Let me know size and thickness you need and we can make a deal I have both 1/8th and 1/4" thickness. Barker Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. BCBarker

    Freshly painted black Headlight Bucket. HM20M No cracks

    Had this painted, but decided to use the stock '77 bucket instead. Best offer plus shipping! Be fair and it's yours. There are some imperfections where the surface wasn't perfect prior to painting, but I don't think they will show once on a bike. not perfect enough for a concours restoration...
  3. BCBarker

    headlight from a CB350 twin

    5 3/4" Headlight works fine. Removed to replace with LED headlight. Pics speak for themselves. small dent as pictured. small cracks/chips that are easily repaired as pictured. US price is $45 shipped USPS Priority. International price is $35 plus shipping. Too rich for you blood? Make an...
  4. BCBarker

    CB350 Right hand control

    Can't seem to work out the electrical gremlins in mine. If you have one laying around that the PO didn't cut the wiring on and works, I'll give you cash, be you best friend and send you some cash to ship it to me. Thanks! Barker
  5. BCBarker

    Scorpion EXO400 matte black helmet. Size M

    Too small for my large head. With a kid my wife is pretty certain she isn't riding for some years. There are some small shelf dings on the top. Never in an accident. $50 shipped in the US.
  6. BCBarker

    Do The Ton 2" "Speed Shop" stickers

    Hi, Did a little run of Gauges Faces and had a little extra room on the sheet so I decided to do a small batch of 2" DTT stickers. Something small enough you could stick it on a bike if you wanted. Cost below are for US orders and ship in a pain envelope. A small portion of the total sales...
  7. BCBarker

    Start of a Custom XS750 Project needs new home

    So you want this... And it's affordable! This started as a good running XS750 with a Kerker Exhaust! This was a commissioned build at Atom Bomb Customs in Richmond VA. The PO who commissioned the build passed away leaving this blank canvas for someone to finish. AB has no time to finish and is...
  8. BCBarker

    check valve for Master Cylinder on CB750 (1977)

    Looking for the half dome check valve for a CB750 M/C. The one in mine was destroyed un the un-seizing of the M/C. To go in a 77 750F. Not sure if all others will fit. Let me know if you have a spare (maybe you rebuilt yours and it was ok? Thanks! Barker This thing...
  9. BCBarker

    2012 Harley 1200 Sportster 742 miles. $8500

    I know this is not the crowd for new bikes, BUT... An old friend of mine jumped on the bandwagon and bought a 2012 Harley, ride it 742 miles and parked it. Decided the Harley wasn't his thing (likes his GSXR better) only looking for a payoff. He paid over 11500 for it. Currently owes $8500...
  10. BCBarker

    Leather Jacket for Seat. Black. Size large.

    Got this jacket a long time ago. Not my style, never was. It would be good for a seat IMO. Best offer plus shipping takes it. Only one small hole under the armpit. Could ship for as little as $6.00 if you just want the good leather and don't want the zippers etc. I'll cut it apart if ya want...
  11. BCBarker

    cb550 / cb650 parts cb650 tank seats etc. CHEAP!

    came into a little stash of parts. I have no use for them. Best offer takes them. The tank is really clean except for a dent in the top shown in the pics. should pop out with a paintless dent tool, but i'm no expert. clean inside. no cap or petcock. CB550 Seat has a Saddleman cover that has...
  12. BCBarker

    Cb350f part out

    Rescued this from my friends neighbor. It was hours from the scrap yard. Pics are from Pre-wash. It not in horrible shape, but its far from perfect. It has the stock air box. Only one side cover. I'm keeping the carbs, but only need the bodies so if you are looking for bowls they are up. I'll...
  13. BCBarker

    Cl70 fork rebuild?

    So I've torn into the little CL70 I picked up a few weeks back. After a coil and Rectifier it runs like a banshee! Front forks felt like a slinky so I started to rebuild them. Only catch is they are impossible to take apart. I'm used to having a bolt at the bottom, but according to the parts...
  14. BCBarker

    Left Side CB350 Twin Carb Float Bowl

    Need a Left Side CB350 Twin Carb Float Bowl PO has two Right Side bowls on the carbs. Didn't think it was a big deal, until I figured out there is a hair line crack in the overflow tube. Let me know what you got! Barker
  15. BCBarker

    Cb750f pd41/pd42 throttle return spring.

    Somehow I lost it when I took the carbs apart. It's the only thing keeping me from final assembly. Figure someone might have a spare set of parts carbs they took the float bowls etc from. Shipping to 23238 in VA. I think the spring from 550F carbs and maybe 650 carbs might be the same. Thanks...
  16. BCBarker

    77 CB750f2 - Going the Distance

    Last spring I picked up a 77 CB750 for a heck of a deal. Been gathering parts with the intension of building a long distance bike. Not necessarily cafe style. Comfort will take priority. Style is important, but if there come a choice between comfort and style, comfort will win. I have the 350f...
  17. BCBarker

    DTT Shop Banners -Designs Page5 Pricing on Page4 - New order going in on 6/12

    So I do a lot of event design in my day job and it hit me the other day while I was creating banners for an event that I should do some for my workshop. I'm into vintage advertising etc and I'm in the process of working up some DTT/Cafe Racer/Vintage moto shop banners. I have them printed...
  18. BCBarker

    CB and XS parts... A variety.

    Take a look at the pics. Make me an offer. I hate to throw it away and know SOMEONE can use this. Best price plus shipping on everything! Cb650 Caliper XS brake pedal Cb350 swing arm Cb350 toolbox
  19. BCBarker

    CB400F parts

    Parting out a CB400F. At one time I was going to use this as a heart transplant for my CB350F, but instead I'm refocusing to a CB750F and unloading these parts. All pricing are best offer plus shipping. Most will ship USPS Flat Rate boxes as they are the easiest to calculate and leaves less...
  20. BCBarker

    Addiction? - Family Portrait

    My wife tells me I have a borderline "addiction." I told her it's better than being addicted to doing blow off a stripper's ass. She didn't find the humor there like I did.... Figured this was the right place to share the current Family Portrait though. 3.5/5 run too!
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