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    I think this will go here.. Ducati GTL 500

    Oh hello there.. Haven't worked on a bike for a while. Gumpy is in the works again, with some fresh paint and just took the front end off a Ducati GTL 500 because I think that'll do well for her. This thread is really about that GTL 500. Gumpy's thread will come when she's finished.. So Dude...
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    Anyone here in or around Albany? I'm considering making a purchase out there and need the vehicle inspected before I make the trip. Of course will pay for the time.. PM me if you can help! Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Question, guys and ladies!! A little over a month ago, I was stopped at a red light. The light turned green, so forward I went! Unfortunately, I don't have peripheral vision and failed to see the school cop speeding through his red light, and he didn't have sirens on so there was no way I could...
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    Really excited. My buddy has had this CL70 for a few years, and we started talking motorcycles the other night so out of the shed it came! Went over there last night, got the carb, seat, and tank off. It's gonna be a cafe project, on a tight budget. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    HEY! Need help with a signature-doohickey

    Who knows how to do those graphic email signature thingies? I am terrible at the Internet. I'm working for a real estate company, and one of the realtors recently got a top realtor's award and wants it added to her current graphic. Should be pretty easy-peasy, but I'm just not good at that kinda...
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    Trevor Ware

    Back in September, a friend of some friends was rear ended on his bike. It was a hit and run, the guy was caught, and has since been released- though he is facing charges. Trevor is 28 years old, and when you watch this video, you'll feel like you've known him forever. Mostly because he's a...
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    proud momma

    i've waited so long for this moment.. well, i guess two moments really. 1. getting to use a wrench on a bike again 2. having my little girl help me i'm stoked. she's in love with the RD. every time we go out to the car, she goes over to the bike and points and looks at me like she's expecting...
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    MOVED: 71 CB175 Project Lily Faye

    This topic has been moved to Cafe Racers. <3 go
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    MOVED: CX500 "Bastardwing" - 29th March - A little more paint on...

    This topic has been moved to Specials.
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    Dear Emmylou

    just added some shirts to my etsy shop. bringing these to barbers, wanted to share :) more to come!!
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    In case you missed it..

    i haven't been on here much lately, and i'm terribly sorry for that. i know my absence has caused much grief and anguish. :P so the run down is that i got married in august, and soon after we found out that i'm expecting a little one. we just don't like wasting time i guess. so i'm due june...
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    RD 250

    i recently bought this lovely little 1973 rd 250.. it started first kick and all. it also had ape hangers on it. bobbert gave me drag bars, so i quickly swapped out the apes for those. then.. it wouldn't turn on. what'd i do?! fuse blown.. there's a short. so after 3 fuses and some fiddling, it...
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    eBay seller germantonbiker

    i just bought a NOS Indian seat from this guy.. item wasn't quite what i expected; listed as NOS, the tabs had a little rust on them, i thought it would be in super new condition. oh well, this bike is hard to find parts for and other than a little rust the seat is perfect! i messaged the seller...
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    cb350 headlight

    anyone want to get rid of a stock headlight bucket and rim that fits a 68 cb350? :-*
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    An Indian and an RD

    So, the ex realized that he had no reason to keep my Indian, and brought it by for me yesterday. It's pretty REALLY rough. EWWW WTF love the tank as is.. i think i'm just going to clear over it trying to figure out what exactly this bike is though.. picked up an RD250 this morning...
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    just saying hello..

    i'll be a dirty southerner again for a week, next week. wooooo ok, nothing to see here. sorry for the interruption. i'm just excited about going to texas. flying down, driving/riding back up.
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    everyone show off whatcha just bought/received in the mail! :)
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    born to add

    this is AWESOME
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    Turbo A.C.'s they're playing in philly at kung fu necktie on monday the 10th. anyone up for it? my buddy jer is the guitarist, i'd love to show them some support! they'll also be at howler's in pittsburgh on may 30th, and in reading at the silo on june 18th. xoxo go go
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    montessa 348 cota
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