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    Monster Version 2

    i figured i'd start a thread as that might keep me on track. ish. in 2002 i bought a damaged m600 that had come into work for a crash repair, nominally for my wife to ride if she wanted to. because of the minnie mouse keyring she became known as minnie monster, and the only bike i've owned...
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    Forward mount and clip ons? Feedback sought.

    being italian orientated, i really don't ride anything extreme "chopper" wise. ridden a lot of californias over the years, and 20 years ago quite a few of the bmw r1200c, and nowadays a few diavels. what do those who ride these things often think of the riding position below?
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    Ducati Monster project

    I've been going to post this for a while, but haven't had time (or found motivation) to do it all again so i'll just link the crnet thread and some photos from my blog. i really like this bike. i did it for the festival of italian motorcycles, but it was a wet day and that diminished the...
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    Oil filters assorted free Melbourne Australia

    I still have a heap of UFI Oil filters (Ducati, Guzzi OEM supplier) for various old Japanese and BMW, etc. They came in a lot I bought, but it seems no one wants to buy them and I would like to see the back of them without resorting to throwing them in the bin (that'll be the next step). They...
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    UFI oil filters for various things - listed with Hiflo references Melbourne Aust

    I have a box of UFI oil filters to suit mainly older Japanese stuff. I don't know older Japanese stuff, so I've listed the Hiflo part numbers for reference. $4 each, located Melbourne, Australia. 03 9563 2004 HF111 x 1, HF133 x 2, HF144 x 13, HF146 x 3, HF151 x 20, HF401 x 11
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