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  1. JukeJoint

    1976 CB360 Restomod

    I picked this bike up with the intentions of running in on the cheap but I tripped into that damn rabbit hole head first. It didn't help that my local Yamaha shop has great prices and was nice enough to order Honda parts at a fraction of what the Honda dealer charged me for things in the past...
  2. JukeJoint

    WTB CB360T Lefthand Side Cover (Any color) FOUND/BOUGHT

    Side cover blew off on a ride one day. I couldn't find it. Grommet must have slipped through. Now I have all new rubber and no side cover. Please let me know what you have. Color doesn't matter but I'd like one with the CB360T emblem but it's not totally necessary. I need to get that filter covered!
  3. JukeJoint

    Eastern Wisconsin. We don't say Wiscansin here...

    Hey hey people. I'm Andrew from the Sheboygan area of WI. I've recently picked up a 1975 CB360T as a second bike. Fun little bike so far. My first was a 1978 CB750F. Still working on that one... I end up here on DTT as I scrounge the 'net for info and ideas I shouldn't contemplate, so I thought...
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