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    Interesting- Lotus to get into bikes
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    Stripping a powdercoated tank

    Any advice on stripping powdercoat? Does aircraft stripper touch this stuff? Thanks in advance for any help!
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    Well crap, more stuff I can't really afford to lust after.
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    The fighter section should see this.
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    Barber trip in danger - Tail light/brake light issues

    Murphy's law caught up to me. I'm blowing 1157 bulbs in my tail light, and a bit later in my brake light (it's dual filament) I checked the voltages, and they're good, but I'm getting nearly 12A readings on the two wires that go to the fixture. That's gotta be the problem. Now, I don't know...
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    Won a beauty of a fender. Not sure if it works on my bike.

    Won this heavy duty aluminum beauty from 7-metal-west. Forgive the cocked angle on the second shot. I've just got it propped up a bit on some foam. I'm thinking of moving it forward a bit so it doesn't stick out quite so far. I tried it with the solo seat I have on there now and didn't care...
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    Chinese scooter racing. Why the hell not
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    Gonna make a license plate holder

    Anyone who has seen my bike knows I've got a really half-assed license plate mount. I'm gonna try and make something fully-assed. PS. Google sketch-up is pretty easy to use. Never messed with it before this morning. Can't beat the price, either.
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    Anyone know anything about this bike? Just saw this link, is this a real bike or some kind of mock-up?
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    Thinking of getting a t-shirt made.

    What do you guys think?
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    Guy's selling 21 triumphs
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    I hate circlips

    Fucking circlip. Trying to rebuild my master cylinder and I can't get the old plunger out because the only snap ring pliers I have can't reach it. I'm going to end up buying $30 pliers for a $30 part. A whole new master cylinder was only $85. Grrr
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    Adventure Prone

    I don't know if you guys have seen this. It's 2 guys riding old Honda's across the states. I've watched all the available episodes, and it's pretty good stuff. They post new episodes on Wednesdays and the pre-trip wrenching stuff on Fridays. Also, they get a thumbs up for some good music, as...
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    Thinking about a bratstyle seat

    Getting the rear hoop together finally. I'm thinking about doing a bratstyle seat, preferably tuck-n-roll. I'd have to ditch the mini-fender, though. Any opinions? Is my girl just too fat for those sleek seats?
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    Oh hell yeah
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    Frontier Ruckus

    I like this song. Can anyone suggest anything similar I might enjoy? Gotta get those riding season play lists whipped up.
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    Can you dig it?
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    Cleaning the garage

    We moved into our house over 6 years ago. I'm finally getting around to cleaning out and setting up the garage. I had cleared space for my bike, but that was about it. So yesterday I went on a rampage of throwing out things we obviously never needed. I had snagged some counter top for free...
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    What is this?

    At first I thought it was a steering damper, but it's only got about an inch of travel. Anyone have any ideas?
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    I actually dig these boots

    Icon's got new boots/jackets/etc coming out. I really like the style of the boots.
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