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  1. stik70

    Fun weekend thanks to Dad

    My Dad had to be out of town all weekend. He was bummed because there was a big car show in town. He told to take his hotrod and enjoy. Dad is way cool. Man, what a blast! KeV
  2. stik70

    Honda charging update question

    I'd like to eliminate the seperate regulator and recitifier components with a modern combined unit. What are my options. '75 cb200 Thanks Kev
  3. stik70

    '40 Sport Scout bob job

    I think its time to start a long term build project on the 1940 Indian Sport Scout my Dad sold me this month. This project will take a few years. I'm Ok with that. My Dad is going to be building it with me. Originally, they are a 45cu in flathead engine. We will be stroking it using 74"...
  4. stik70

    I will never forget today, Best day in a long time!

    My dad and I like old motorcycles, cars, and trucks. About 13 yrs ago, Dad bought a 1940 Indian Sport Scout out west from a friend, a complete basket case. I've wanted that bike since the day he brought it home. I would usually ask him about twice a year to sell it to me. Once I finished up my...
  5. stik70

    LEL 2011- DTT Unite!!

    I sent in my entry fee today for the Lake Erie Loop, which is June 11, 2011. I am running the cb200 and will be out there on Friday the 10th at Clare-Mar lake campground in Ohio near Wellington for the tech inspection. Ride to start Saturday morning. I will have a support truck with tools and...
  6. stik70

    Torque Fest II Event Coverage

    I went to "Torque Fest II" in Maquoketa, IA this weekend. What a blast. Took loads of pictures and I'll slowly add them as time permits. Kev
  7. stik70

    '62 Norton Atlas

    Well, heres my Norton. In the early 90's, I sold my '85 GPZ750 turbo and bought this the very next day. I took the Lucas K2F Comp mag off it almost 10 years ago to be rewound and have never finished it. Its really fun to ride and need to put this on the to do list. Its on kind of a permanent...
  8. stik70

    vintage footage of auto racing before safety was incorporated

    <iframe src=";byline=0&amp;portrait=0&amp;color=ff7007" width="400" height="225" frameborder="0"></iframe><p><a href="">Killed Myself When I Was Young</a> from <a href="">The Jalopy Journal</a>...
  9. stik70

    little hondas

    Hondels - Little Honda
  10. stik70

    Winter is King

    Getting packed up to go skiing and snowboarding with my wife and step kids, Yeah!! Don't think my will actually go but i will patiently work with her if she wants to learn. Winter Rocks!! Kev
  11. stik70

    my favorite book as a kid

    I got this book in 1977 for Christmas when i was seven. I practically wore it out oogling over all the color pictures of Cafe Racers and dreaming of motorcycles. Copyright of 1976 and written by Rich Taylor. Shows bikes from 350cc to 1000cc, Honda's and Yamaha's to Ducati's and Laverda's. Just...
  12. stik70

    Sidi sport boots

    I've used Sidi dirt bike boots since the '70's and have always thought they were high quality. Has anyone purchased the Sidi Evo Stada rain boots? Thinking about getting a pair since my elcheapo boots I bought in '88 when I bought a set of Hein Gericke V-pilot leathers are finally shot. Many...
  13. stik70

    '31 roadster getting closer

    My dad (70) is getting really close to finishing his traditional hotrod. He's like a kid with all of his enthusiasm. Needs to go through the title process and he's got a start on that. There will be a white chopped convertable top and nose art painted on the cowl when complete
  14. stik70

    shop tour at dad's

    I went over to see the interior in my dad's hotrod and took some pics of his shop. this is a Monarch gear head lathe, I love this tool.Collets from 1/16 to 1" in 32nd increments vertical mill rotary table and 1911 hendee engine'60 panhead, '70flh, '64 t120'51 chief and '41 wld '69 xlch '37...
  15. stik70

    sealed battery questions

    I am looking for a small sealed battery i can lay on its side so i can get one bought and build a box for. Any information on sizes and a source to buy would be greatly appreciated. Stik
  16. stik70

    '75 cb200t cafe build

    Well i figured it was time for a build page. Want to have it done for next year. I would like to have it in riding form this fall and finish it during the winter. So here it goes. I started with a non-titled '75 cb200t which was pretty decent. I traded a cb175 that was really-really rough also...
  17. stik70

    K&N's on cb200

    I'm starting to make a little progress on my cb200. I think I'm making enough progress to start a build thread next. Anyway, I am putting VM-20's on this and wanted to use large individual air cleaners. I am notching the frame and welding in a partial piece of pipe where i cut frame out.When i...
  18. stik70

    honda bikes...

    my friend i got my frame from has lots of small hondas for sale. I saw a pair of sloper 160's, several cl75's, cb350's, 360t's, etc. For pick up only in NW Iowa. If interested, PM me Stik
  19. stik70

    Dice Magazine new issue release party

    I went down to Des Moines on Saturday for the DicE party. It was brilliant! Had such as great day. Last week, I made a chain tensioner for my green triumph and took it down there and had fun. Finally put some miles on it. Rode it a bunch on Sunday here at home as well. The Dice party was at the...
  20. stik70

    A titled frame!!

    I talked to my buddy who has an independant bike business, also a great friend, and he ended up with 5 truck loads of bikes AND a handful of titles. He has a '75 cb200t frame with title. Mine doesn't have a title and he said come and get it! I'm stoked, that will save 5 weeks of jumping through...
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