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  1. xulf13

    DTT Ozark Mountains GTG

    Where: The Ozarks, (base camp -near Ponca AR) When: Memorial Day Weekend (May 26-28) Last year in May, my good friends Cory (Clem), and Justin, came to visit me in Arkansas and to enjoy some riding thru the Ozarks. Half way into our trip, we met up with Justin's uncle who happens to live right...
  2. xulf13


    Hey all, just wanted to say I was thinking of you all ( you know who you are) and wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year. Please be safe and dront drive or ride drunk. But do, have lots of fun and enjoy this day to the fullest. Cheer up if you're down, Smile at your brother, hug your wife...
  3. xulf13

    Barber 2012, don't miss out.

    I realize now... I forgot to share some of the footage I took last year and my friend John edited. Looking forward to this year.
  4. xulf13

    73' TX650

    It is never done! Constantly changing. But I think it belongs in here now. All credit and special thanks goes to DTT for making this build possible. Here it is with 2 up seat With 1up seat, different gauge, exhaust, head lamp The build thread...
  5. xulf13

    Barber Vintage Bike Festival October 7 thru the 9th

    So.... Steve, John, I think Scot and myself will be going. Anyone else interested in hitting Deals Gap on the way? Plan is to leave Raleigh area on Thursday Oct. 6th in the am. Arrive at Waynesville NC by 1pm or so. eat and hit the blue ridge Parkway. Eat some more, Talk, sleep, wake up and...
  6. xulf13

    7th Annual Bull City Rumble 2011 Photos

    Here is some eye candy from the event. Post your comments of the event here. I personally think it was great. Very well put together and I had a great time with some of the best people I could think of. Thanks so much to all who came out and rode together to the event.
  7. xulf13

    1971 SL350 Father & Son Project

    "For the sake of my 11 year old son, please keep this thread CLEAN so he can read it and look at it. Please no foul language or dirty humor. Please be considerate in how you reply. Thank you in advance" This is my first father and son project. My son Alaric is 11 years old and has seen me work...
  8. xulf13

    What to use for petcock gasket

    Hey all, Quick question? I am almost done with my project (1973 TX650) . I want to get my bike started soon. I treated my tank for saftey measures with POR-15 So I removed the petckocks, and under them were the rubber gaskets. They were still nice and soft when i pulled them out. I tried to...
  9. xulf13

    Need Gloves that FIT...Please help

    So here is my deal, I can't fit into medium gloves and Large are just right but the fingers are too long. By about 1/4 to 1/2 in most cases. I have wide hands but short fat fingers. I'm sure others have similar issues. If so, where did you buy your gloves. Any help will be apreciated. I'm tired...
  10. xulf13

    Rear tire width for a 73 TX650

    Does anyone know if a 130 wide tire would fit on a stock rear wheel on my 73 TX650 wheel? Can I possibly put a 150 back there without rubbing issues? I believe the stock tire is still on there right now. It has cracks and I want to replacethe front and back.
  11. xulf13

    *-*-*-* TX650 *-*-*-*

    As promised, here is my build project. Many of you know I ride the 82 seca. Many don't, oh well. I picked this 1973 TX650 last Friday January 15, 2010 The photos looked great, the price was decent (I suppose) for a running 650. These are the photos from the CL add: As soon as I saw it, I...
  12. xulf13

    Pros and Cons, I can't make up my mind. (I've made up my mind, XS650 it is)

    Hi guys, I'm currently been driving this makeshift cafe. That will have to do for now. I really want a mid to late 70's model cafe, preferably a Honda or Yamaha. I am very fond of CB750's and have been wanting one for a while, then, I ran into this site and saw a lot of lovely CB350's and...
  13. xulf13


    Any DTT'rs in the Raleigh area wanna ride out? I wanna develope a network of Cafe Racers to hang and ride every once in a while or weekends etc... Let me know Eddie
  14. xulf13

    My XJ750RJ Seca

    Hey guys I'm a noob to this site. Been cecking it out for a while now. there are some great looking rides on here and that is always good for inspiration. I'm so glad I found this site. I've been working on my seca since I bought it back in Dec of 08' this is also my first bike ever. It's been a...
  15. xulf13

    Greetings from NC XJ750RJ SE-CA-FE

    Hey all, Been a fan of this site for a month now, so i signed up and am stoked to be a part of the cafe scene. My current bike (1st bike ever) is an 82 XJ750RJ seca. An unlikely bike to turn into a cafe but I'm getting there. So far I have done a round headlight conversion, new turn...
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