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  1. Scooter trash

    Made it both are running

    One of these bikes owns the time slip, both run like a Swiss watch. Why do the photos keep rotating back that way?
  2. Scooter trash

    Crime, and the absence of military grade machine guns

    Full on 50 caliber machine guns, and others, are legal. Between California, Texas, and Florida, there are over 60,000 legal registered military grade, machine guns...and zero used in a crime. They are registered, and you must pass a background test that is stiffer than a normal Conceal carry...
  3. Scooter trash

    1963 Honda CA77 speedo WTB

    I'm looking for a NOS or used Honda Dream speedo, eBay just has stickers or drive gears.
  4. Scooter trash

    Dry cell battery lithium

    This is a higher amp output that the AGM battery puts out. Running a larger electric fuel pump, and a scavenge oil pump, I've had low voltage reading during drag meets. Anyone have experience with these, they are also 1/4th the weight.
  5. Scooter trash

    Honda CA77 Dream to do the ton?

    I have a set of CB77 cams, just need to rotate one notch back to work for 360 firing order. Some porting and polishing, rejetting, and some high dome Italy made pistons. I have to run cold plugs, pull about 5 degrees timing, and make sure the squish band is at least .050". It should make about...
  6. Scooter trash

    CB77 yea or nay?

    This is a local bike for sale, $3350. Should I add it to the stable?
  7. Scooter trash

    Finding three tenths of a louzy second.

    I doubt anyone on this forum owns only one motorcycle, so this is for the ones that do the 1/4 mile still. My 450 Honda turned a 13.17 @ 99 mph in 1967 at high altitude. I'm going to install a high oil pressure pump mod to see if 95 psi will help, it might just slow it down too with all that oil...
  8. Scooter trash

    Sudden power drop

    Well that explains 157 to 136 in the 1/4. Remapped with new plugs, track temp was around 120 F. Lack of intercooler doesn't help. Took it for a 200 mile ride yesterday, 101 F outside, hot hot hot!
  9. Scooter trash

    Universal Healthcare how does it work?

    For you folks not in the US, how does your healthcare work? I think the French pay 8% of their income to a certain level of income, then tapers off the more you make. This has been a sore point here in the US, a small injury can cost you your home or debt for years. The Affordable Care Act...
  10. Scooter trash

    Yamaha 250 1974?

    I pick this up Monday for my daughter, where do I get parts, what model is this, are parts even available in aftermarket like pistons. Paid $180, no title so have to run the numbers for possible stolen.
  11. Scooter trash

    Chinese scooter exhaust

    I've had this Zehn since 2012 and it never ran right. It would shut off and come back on like it was fuel starved. It has a vacuum fuel pump, the fuel tank is in the floorboard. This was the problem and the fix was dirt simple. The factory exhaust outlet is about the size of a dime. Just...
  12. Scooter trash

    Motorcycle stand

    Harbor Freight June 9,10,11 Hope this in the right area! Best price I've seen for this lift.
  13. Scooter trash

    Yikes! High alcohol fuel did this?

    Been running 110 octane fuel. I know that it will absorb water like a bitch. The last batch was out of a bulk tank instead of a 5 gallon pale. Never has the tank had less than 1/4 level. This happened over just one season, bike was indoors. The bike was 30 mph down on the big end of the 1/4...
  14. Scooter trash

    Evil Honda 50

    Already it has a full lift Weber cam and bored 4mm over. With a 350 cu inch air pump, used for emissions, it would be easy to supercharge with a belt drive. With a mild dose of nitro, it could put out 18 hp. Hmm... should I do it? This would give it a PTWR that would beat a full dress Harley on...
  15. Scooter trash

    Made in USA? How many countries are US now?

    The front rim is from Indonesia, Showa forks, Cylinder castings China, machined here though, bearings from everywhere. It must be a struggle to keep made in America badge.
  16. Scooter trash

    Have you received the "Eye Roll"?

    I drove my beater, 1989 Dodge Aries K car, to the store for some groceries. There was a guy parked with an 883 Harley Sporty, so I asked him how he liked it. We talked a bit, and it was obvious it was his first motorcycle. He thought the size of the engine was the only factor for power, based...
  17. Scooter trash

    CA77 and CB77 pistons.

    I'm building a 305 Dream to do the ton, and have some fun on the Harley rides. I've had 305 Superhawks up to 110 mph with some high compression pistons, I was using a Dream crank to get that Triumph sound, after reclocking the cam. There is a high performance Yoshimura kit for a whopping $1900...
  18. Scooter trash

    How much horsepower is too much?

    The more you add, the more you need to add to keep it alive. The lockup clutch should be here next week, the stock one would only last to 8K rpm, on the dyno before it slipped. It was an animal at 240hp with stock pistons, now......I'm afraid of it. :-[
  19. Scooter trash

    KZ-1100 1981 valve adj specs, and cam timing.

    I have a 1981 KZ1100, with two tight valves. Anyone know the clearance and how the cam timing marks go? I could count the links from point a to b at TDC #1-4, but doesn't mean that's correct to copy what it is now.
  20. Scooter trash

    Sleeper scooter

    Anyone here ever built a sleeper scooter? Like stuck a 350cc two stroke in one?
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