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  1. V10Pilot

    1979 CB750L seat build

    I already have this stuff in my full build thread but I figured I would also post to the subcategory for seats and tanks. Here is my progress so far. Sent from my iPhone using DO THE TON
  2. V10Pilot

    1979 CB750L. My first cafe/brat project. Denver Area

    I picked up this '79 Honda CB750L for $200 in non running condition. I don't have an exact plan just yet but I am going for a cafe/brat setup for sure. I want to be able to get a passenger on the back from time to time so I'm probably leaning towards brat at this point. I am by no means a...
  3. V10Pilot

    Keihin carb vb 42a accelerator pump

    Quick question. I bought a 79 CB750L and it all appears stock however I think the previous owner may have replaced a few soft parts on the carbs (keihin vb42a) I can’t find any really good pictures of the accelerator pump rod in an idle position on line to compare. When the throttle is...
  4. V10Pilot

    79-82 CB750K Spoke Wheels

    I have a 79 CB750L with Comstar wheels and would like to find a set of same year range K model spoke wheels.
  5. V10Pilot

    New member in Denver, CO 1979 CB750K

    Hello everyone. This is my first post and I’ll just give a quick introduction about myself and the build. I just moved to Broomfield, CO which is between Denver and Boulder. We are originally from Lafayette, LA but came up here for work and a massive change of scenery. I’m a corporate pilot and...
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