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  1. andrew6v

    1978 BMW R100/7 - Airhead project

    Hi all, I'm a on-again/off-again creeper of the forum, and thought I'd throw up a post for the Beamer I got over the weekend. I have a Suzuki SV650 as my daily driver and wanted something to tinker on over the summer (I'm an accountant, so I have no spare time over the winter), and I always...
  2. andrew6v

    Should I buy this 750K?

    Hey, I was wondering if I should buy this 1979 CB750k. It looks in good shape, but has about 70,000 km on the clock (~43000 miles), should I be wary? I was thinking of offering...
  3. andrew6v

    What bikes from the 80s are good Cafe Candidates?

    Hi I was wondering what bikes from the 80s make good Cafe candidates? By that I guess I mean what bikes from the 80s have the "straight" frame, so common in the 70s? The reason I ask, I live in Nova Scotia the East coast of Canada, and bikes from the 70s are hard to come by. Since there are so...
  4. andrew6v

    Installing Clubmans, throttle won't "snap" back.

    Hi, I was doing an install of clubman's on my bike however I can't get the throttle to "snap" back. I looked around the forums but didn't have much luck. Its only a few inches off from having the snap back. (Don't mind the stock lights they won't be there when the bar is installed...
  5. andrew6v

    Looking for inspiration: Motorcycle Rearends

    Hey everyone, I'm working on an 83 Honda Ascot and have a good idea as to what I want to do to the front but I'm not sure about the rear end. I want to be able to keep it a two seater, and the rear of the frame is not straight, (that is the passenger section is raised), I like the looks of a...
  6. andrew6v

    1983 Honda vt500 Ascot my first build

    Hi, I recently bought a 1983 Honda Ascot Vt500, and kind of got the cafe racer bug after checking out some the excellent rides you guys have. I also have a vt500 shadow as my first bike, but the guy who sold it to me lied through his teeth, and It's been nothing but difficult. It never ran...
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