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  1. Drey6

    GS1100G Resto-mod

    Ive been MIA for the most part from this forum for a long while but am still workin on bikes fairly consistently. This project kind of happened suddenly as I acquired some parts on the cheap to resell (engine and other bits) then got a tip from my bud Chuck(Chuck78) that there was a titled frame...
  2. Drey6

    37 MM Clip on handlebars

    In great shape. I went with 41mm forks instead so I have no need for these.
  3. Drey6

    1982-1984 Suzuki GS1100 D port Motor head cylinder Pistons GS 1100

    1982-1984 Suzuki GS1100 Motor head, cylinder, pistons, cams etc. 2 sets available, see photos. Direct bolt on for Suzuki GS1000's.
  4. Drey6

    1981 Honda CM400 E Part-Out

    Moving in a week, it's happening too fast- I need to shed the fat! OFFERS ACCEPTED! CLEAN Ohio Titled Frame/roller Fresh fork seals installed. •Tank with no rust stripped, clearcoated to keep off rust. • Complete stock wiring harness •Airbox with brand new KN stock filter •Intake Boots (new)...
  5. Drey6

    81 CM400 top-case damage

    In dire need of some honest opinions on this one. Finally getting back to my engine rebuild and corresponding thread here : Yesterday after prepping some parts for install, I noticed something I missed before when I tapped the threads some...
  6. Drey6

    2007 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

    Up for sale: 2007 Kawasaki Ninja 250R 8,4XX miles Carb's serviced 6/17/15 Removed and cleaned petcock Fresh moto oil and KN oil filter NGK IX (iridium) spark plugs All stock and easy to ride. Light and nimble! Perfect bike for the city rider, beginning rider or someone who just wants one to...
  7. Drey6

    1986 GPZ Ninja 600

    Here my new to me. 86' Ninja 600. Just got her started today,(obvious carb cleaning in the VERY near future) Just got it from my buddy on puh puh puh payments (total $1,000, in 3 months). Got her started today, it idles and drives fine. I just left it on for a bit to change and my girlfriend...
  8. Drey6

    1986 Kawasaki Ninja 600

    On my way to pool hall last night I received this text from a family friend regarding his son. "Hey Andrew is gonna sell his want it...he might take payments?:)" I asked how much and then he followed with the 1-2 punch.. "2k starting, but for you less plus payments[emoji4]" The...
  9. Drey6

    New wood stove adventures, cost and who out there burn pallet wood?

    Just recently installed a wood burner with the future father in law, where I store and work on bikes in his garage. The deal was if he helped me, I would buy everything and leave it once I get a place with a garage. So a free wood burner to him for a little work must have been a sweet deal...
  10. Drey6

    WTB 81-83 GS650 head/pistons

    I need the head and pistons (already have the jugs) if anyone has them for an 81-83 Suzuki GS650. I don't need the valve cover Going on my GS550 project. Ohio/43068
  11. Drey6

    1979 Honda CB750 10th anniversary edition

    $1,100, Columbus, Ohio Here is my ad and you can contact me easier through that.
  12. Drey6

    79' CB750 DOHC regulator testing.

    Per the manual. The green wire to each of the (3) yellow wires should read the same resistance. Now with the black multimeter lead to the green wire and the red to each of yellow wires I am getting 4.86, 6.32 and 6.44. Now switch the red and black leads and I'm getting nothing? Manual says it...
  13. Drey6

    Quick question: Stem Races 75' CB550

    Currently installing the new steering stem races. Have them flush but of course the new races aren't the same size as the old ball bearing races. So I'm thinking I need to have the races hydraulically pressed all the way down to their respective seat and then use the kits provided washers to...
  14. Drey6

    Bradj's fault? : Portlandia became reality at the bar

    I met a real life version of this man at the bar today. (Watch video) He got way passionate yelled in my face while I was trying to just drink and stay calm. I was sitting in a chair for Christ's sake! He calls me a pussy knocks my glasses off and I...
  15. Drey6

    Lightning Strike.

    My girlfriend and I were playing soccer in downtown Columbus by OSU's football stadium( the Shoe') and the fields were cleared due to lightning. So we left the fields and raced to my parents where we planed to eat dinner. So, I was just randomly taking a video to show the lightning and one...
  16. Drey6

    Shipping a motor... Reccomendations?

    Shipping a motor from Ohio to Oregon. Not exactly sure what's most feasible. Its going to sell through eBay and have interested buyers already. Honestly, I thought I'd have a couple days to figure this out before having interested folks... Checked the UPS site but its looks way over priced...
  17. Drey6

    1979 CB750L 530 chain conversion

    So after a lot of digging it's hard to find a definitive answer on what people recommend. Not looking to do this conversion for better top-end speed or acceleration, really keeping it in stock function would be ideal for my use. I just know a lot of people are fans of o-ring and x-ring chains...
  18. Drey6

    1978-1979 Cb/Cm400 kicker parts.

    Yo fellas, Need a right case cover, kicker and everything in the pic. Dirty grungy shit is fine. As long as it works!
  19. Drey6

    81' CM400 engine rebuild

    So I have a friend that has rebuilt a few car engines and replaced a few parts on his CB750 coming over to give a hand in rebuilding my top end. I have a full gasket set, and am on the hunt for piston rings. Curious as to what else I should do while she is open? I purchased a hone, valve spring...
  20. Drey6

    Easy Riders Bike Show. Worth going to?

    So there is a bike show in Columbus this week where I live and I was thinking about possibly going... But then I saw tickets at $25 dollars a pop or $20 on Sunday. So have any of you went to this show, and if so is it worth checking out? Here is a link for you gents to check out...
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