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    Uncle Ernie's Inspirational Pics

    bolt ons for both the bike and rider
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    1970 VW Bus - Westfalia Resto

    Dude, thats some nice body work
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    Kartoon Korner!

    CC, I've been on this forum before but closed my account because of the general shitty vibe that was going on at the time, seems that not much has changed. I see that you still know everything, sit on a high moral horse, as well as use idiotic terms as xenophobe, islamaphobe, or right wing...
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    Kartoon Korner!

    You do understand that Islam isn't a race?? Is it possible that you know less about whats going on in Sweden than a guy who actually lives there? Or that maybe he's not a bad person because he is watching the country he calls home turn into a third world shithole and has something to say about...
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