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  1. dp9

    F/S 1974 Honda CB360

    Hey All, I'm selling my project. I rode it for a full season as my only transportation with no issues... then I got married and we had a daughter. I love this bike, but its gatta go. Started it up last week, runs fine. Ive painted the swing arm with por-15 since these pics. Clean title in...
  2. dp9

    Icon Riding Jeans size 30

    for sale a pair of icon riding jeans, triple stitched, kevlar knees, intentionally distressed at the factory, in great shape! sizr W30L32. they were $100 new, Ive rarely worn them (less than 10 times). $45 shipped to the lower 48. Thanks for looking!
  3. dp9

    74 Yamaha TX500 - its gatta go - central NJ - Pics up now

    Here's the deal, a buddy and I bought this bike for $150, not starting, no title. It had compression so we bought it to fix it up and sell it, or if one of us liked it, keep it and buy the other guy out for money invested. long story short, he got a new job and moved last week, now I have the...
  4. dp9

    quick question

    will these cv carbs off of an '80 cb750f fit on an '81 cb650 that had cv carbs?
  5. dp9

    Another DTT build on pipeburn

    we're monopolizing that blog, laugh. makes me think i have to step up my builds.
  6. dp9

    new boots that i dont want to ruin

    I tried searching but im not sure how to word this so my results didnt match what i was looking for. so i got a new pair of boots recently and dont want to ruin them on my shift lever. my rear sets are painted knurled aluminum so they left paint and aluminum on the toe of my old boots. is...
  7. dp9

    My new infatuation: Thai drag bikes

    omgtheseareawesome. I would build one of these, strictly for the track, in a heartbeat. bicycle rims/tires, around 160cc 2 stroke, one brake and a chain. ready? go! some of the related vids ive viewed have these things running high 10's in the 1/4. thats...
  8. dp9

    looking for a kawi wiring diagram

    anybody know where i can find a diagram, or full service manual for an 84 kz750 p1 shafty? tryin to help rich out with his xxxtra picante build. Thanks in advance!
  9. dp9

    carburetor rock candy

    soaked a full set of 4 totally disassembled carbs in purple power over night as per my "friend" who, and I quote, does this all the time. Voala! no idea why i listen to that guy.
  10. dp9

    Duc 750 on Bike Exif today... in case the first link doesnt work for some reason: carbon swinger. how cool is that. I wonder how long its gonna be...
  11. dp9

    CB360 "high rpm" oiling problem ?

    so what would be considered high rpm where this oiling problem occurs? I want to take a highway trip, stock sprockets (16/34 i think). what speeds can i safely cruise at?
  12. dp9

    soo... anyone actually run nitrous?

    so hard to find info on old bikes with nitrous, or im just not looking in the right place. either way, anybody here ever throw some spray at their ride? if so, what was your setup? wet or dry, what fuel pump, where did you plumb the nozzles, how did you mount the solenoids, etc. etc.
  13. dp9

    Barber bound, via NJ?

    anybody headed down to the festival by way of the Garden State? Ive been toying with the idea of riding down, but all my friends backed out. ok I lied, I dont have any friends, laugh. I def want to ride, but I dont exactly want to spend 30 hours (round trip) on the highway by myself. so if...
  14. dp9

    wtf did i build? is it a bobber, or a cafe or... how would you guys classify it?
  15. dp9

    KZ kick lever and brake adjuster nut

    I need a kick start lever for an '80 kz750 im working on. the old one corroded so bad the splines stripped off. if anyone has one and can send me the diameter of the splines as well as a pic (i just want to be sure), that would be great. PM me if youve got one! thanks -Dan
  16. dp9

    what bike is this? anyone know where i can get some more info on it? a friend of mine and I are going to have a build-off and I'm considering doing something along these lines.
  17. dp9

    $100 CB360 in North/central Jersey

    already disassembled for you!
  18. dp9

    I know its an HD, but....

    anyone see the XR1200 by Wonder Bikes on the Bike Exif blog today? Bike Exif has a bunch more pics on the facebook page than they do on their blog. Check it out, XR1200, clip-ons, rear sets, cafe-ish tail/seat, its actually not bad; I dont hate this bike. Id like to hear what it sounds...
  19. dp9


    its about time we had this section. On the down side, im sure after reading a couple posts I'm going to want to tear into my perfectly running, low mileage motor.
  20. dp9

    Questions about shortening forks

    So I want to shorten the forks on a project im working on. the bike is an '80 KZ750. I want to shorten the forks a significant amount. couple questions. ive been reading stuff like this...
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