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  1. Treesus

    +1mm OS Valve Clearance

    Ok. I just installed new guides and valves on my CB360 head and am about to put the upper end all back together. When stepping up the valve size 1mm, do I need to check piston to valve clearance? My head has not been skimmed at all, and I am using a copper gasket. I have read about needing to...
  2. Treesus

    Transmission Oil Seal Install. Help?

    Ok. I know this is probably a very elementary question that screams to the fact I really don't know what I am doing. I would be embarrassed if I had any dignity to protect. When you install your engine oil seals do you put them in dry, soaked in oil, a thin layer of liquid gasket like you do on...
  3. Treesus

    Swingarm Shock Bushing removal?

    I took my frame and swingarm to get powder coated, only to realize I had completely forgotten about this little bugger What is this thing called and how do I make it go away? I've tried putting and small socket on one side and a very large socket on the other side, then put the whole unite...
  4. Treesus

    CB360 Rims WM3 and WM4

    I know PJ and probably a few others have put WM3 rims up front on their 360's, but I can't seem to find any 18" WM3 2.15 36-hole rims that are unflanged. I'm really not a fan of the flanged style. First question, does anyone know of the source for a rim that size? (Other than Buchanans, which I...
  5. Treesus

    '74 CB383 (CB360) - a Mighty Mouse adventure bike

    Hello Ton-ers, This is not a really cafe project. I am really into small-bike long-distance travel, so most of these changes are pointed in that direction. I am putting this up here to glean some of the wonderful wisdom available from you mad-tinkerers. Much thanks to the wizard PJ who has...
  6. Treesus

    CB360 Exhaust Replacement

    Hey everyone, I've been creepin' on all of you on here for a few years now but haven't ever really posted much. Bit internet shy? Hah. Anyhow, I have a 1974 CB360G I've been riding longer than I've been creepin'. So far I haven't really modded too much on it. I've spent most of my tinkering...
  7. Treesus

    GS850 .5mm Over Pistons

    Just curious, does anyone have a set of .5mm Over Suzuki GS850 pistons? I'd be willing to buy them and associated rings/wrist pins. Tree
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