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  1. stik70

    New guy from Iowa- RD400

    Hey, I'm up in Spencer. Haven't looked at my RD's in quite a while. I've been working on my house, an old pickup, and older bike. Hopefully I'll get the 2 stroke fever again and get a crackin' on it. Kev
  2. stik70

    New guy from Iowa- RD400

    Sweet! I too and am from Iowa, named Kevin, and have two rough RD400's! Your's turned out sweet!! Kev
  3. stik70

    Cb200t wheel spokes question

    Yeah, the 175 drum laces up. Use the 175 spokes. The entire 175 wheel can be used and bolts right up to the forks. kev
  4. stik70

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    I love the CBX's!! We still have a few and a kz1300, there's nothing like a six kev
  5. stik70

    my triumph pre unit build

    lookin' great!! Kev
  6. stik70

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Couldn't resist this one, a really rough titled '76 that runs for $300. I have a clean '76 with a bad crank, it now has a friend. Kev
  7. stik70


    Congrats to the BOTM winners!! Both are insanely cool bikes! Kev
  8. stik70

    Suzuki GR650 - back to work...

    Re: Suzuki GR650- paint progress Rich, You nailed it! What a great looking motorcycle!! Can't wait to see some summer action shots and "tales of the road"! Kev
  9. stik70


    Re: FEBRUARY 2012 DTT BOTM - VOTING IS OPEN! A spectacular field of bikes once again. Good luck to all. Everyone is worthy. Kev
  10. stik70

    CX500 "Bastardwing" - 24th June - It caught fire!!

    Re: CX500 "Bastardwing" - 23th Jan - Been making a start on some gauge mounts. Cool!
  11. stik70

    Northern Lights possible tonight in not-so-northern latitudes...

    Re: Northern Lights possible tonight/tomorrow in not-so-northern latitudes... sweet dude!
  12. stik70

    Kanticoy Designs Garage. Construction in progress.

    Re: Why I've been absent. Looking Great! Kev
  13. stik70

    '40 Sport Scout bob job

    Not much to update. My wife got me a seat yoke for Christmas, so I mocked it up to see what it might look like. Kev
  14. stik70


    May your hands be cut up and greasy and may you have overspray everywhere! Happy New Year to All Kev
  15. stik70

    cb200 back to the cafe "lola"

    Re: newbie cb200 build Predator in England makes a 2into1. They are stainless and waaay expensive. I ended building one for my 200 project. Lots of cool cl pipes are being used and look great too. Kev
  16. stik70

    '40 Sport Scout bob job

    I laced up the rims. After trying everything in the book, I discovered I had '41 to '42 hubs and they are different then the '40s. So I'm searching for the the right ones now. I do think when I get the right hubs, I will paint the rims and hubs black. Not for certain yet. The cream looks great...
  17. stik70

    So a hard question to answer. 1982 Suzuki GS1100E value?

    Hey Ethonal, I have a set of cherry original pipes for that. I have an '82 and the guy I bought it from took the originals off when it was two weeks old and they came with the bike. They are great bikes to ride. KeV
  18. stik70

    1975 Suzuki R E 5 Restoration

    I Love it!! Always wanted one of these. Came close once to getting one, but went too high. I think there is huge cool potential lurking in there. Kev
  19. stik70

    '40 Sport Scout bob job

    I painted the hubs and rims yesterday, Tacoma Cream. Its an earlier factory indian color also used on Fords in the 30's for wheels. Going to let them cure a bit before I lace them. The fork legs, frame, and brake plates will be black. Kev
  20. stik70

    What's your dream donor bike?

    RE5, RZ500, and would have to say a street legal TZ750 would be the bomb!! Oh, and about 50 other bikes, hahaha kev
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