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    1980 Honda XR250, Back on the Boards

    Hey guys. Took a break off the boards, sold my CB378 because I needed cash to finish my trailer sauna, but realized I needed a bike to wrench on. FFWD to last week, I found a 1980 Honda XR250 locally on kijiji and when I went to pick it up, turned out the seller had another bike in pieces. So...
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    CB360 Carb Diaphragm, OEM or JBM

    My "fixed" diaphragms finally failed beyond what I can repair, so I have to install new ones. Of course the carb slides on my spar bike are stuck, so they wont help. I'm looking at either spending fair bit of money on new slides/diaphragms or using the JBM diaphragms I already have. I have read...
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    CB360 Rear End

    I need some help here with my CB360 rear end. I was hoping to shorten the rear end and fender and trim the seat a little bit. Not planning on going all out cut and chop. The problem is, I have hard time visualizing my contraption and was hoping for somebody to be able to post motivational...
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    CB360 Ignition Pamco vs. Charlie's Place

    Subject covers most of my question, which one would be better for my CB360, Pamco or Charlie's Place ignition?
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    Which One, Suzuki GT550 or Yamaha RD400? Or a new Honda 500cc?

    Again looking for a bike before previous project is complete. I found a GT550 and RD400 locally. GT550 does not run, but RD400 does run. GT550 is in clean condition and might need just minor work to get going as it has been stored in wamr storage since it was parked. Correct me if I'm wrong...
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    Garage or Shop Construction

    I was not able to find a general thread for garage or shop construction, best practices, ideas and other discussion, so time to start one. There must be many skilled construction guys on this site and I know that I can contribute more on construction topics than motorcycle building items, so...
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    OJ's CB360 and a Story of Not Enough Time

    As some may know, I bought a '74 CB360 roughly a year ago. With the arrival of our second kid, promotion at work and basement reno, I did not work on her too much after getting her running OK and safetied/registered in August last year. Soon after I parked her for the winter. We had a late...
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    Clubmans and Stock Headlight/Gauges on CB360

    I bought low drop clubmans yesterday and went to mount them on my bike, but it seems that there is not enough room for the brake lever and line with stock headlight and gauges just further complicate the situation. Am I just not putting the puzzle together right, or do I need to get new brakets...
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    Cheap Aluminum Rims From Thailand

    Do you guys used cheap aluminum rims, such as these ones on ebay, on your builds? If yes, are they any good in your opinion? I am assuming almost any rim is better/safer than some old rusted out rim. I'm also thinking, that loosing unsuspended weight off the rims would improve the ride...
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    CB360, Stalling After High RPM Run

    This is a new problem. Went for a ride and bike was going very well at normal city speeds 50-70 km/h. Got onto a stretch of freeway and up to 120 km/h/7000 rpm. After this the bike started stalling and didn't stay running even when I tried to give her some gas. She started second kick again and...
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    Motorcycle Driver's License

    So I had a motorcycle license back in Finland, but the Manitoba Public Insurance doesn't accept this license (same as with car license). Funny thing is that I was allowed to drive/ride with my Finnish license 3 months as a tourist. So anyway, I had to take this motorcycle training course on...
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    Ducati, the vintage kind

    So I always thought a Ducati would be my first street bike. I'm not talking about the awesome ones from yesteryear, but a modern beast. That kind of bike would likely encourage myself to kill myself though and I'm not into that death thing. So instead I got myself a little Honda. Any way. I've...
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    CB360 High Idle

    So I got the carbs rebuilt and put them back on. I didn't connect the throttle cables to eliminate them for now. Good thing is that the bike started second kick. Bad thing is that the idle shot way up. The carbs appeared to be working well on the bench. Idle screw is just barely touching. I...
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    '74 CB360 - Queen of the Tundra

    Not sure where to put this as I'm not sure of the game plan yet. I am thinking tracker, but she may turn out to be a cafe racer or some mildly modified beauty. I am just at square one and first goal is to get this baby on the road. The plan is to really work on this over the winter, and see what...
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    New member from up north, -74 CB 360

    To introduce myself...i'm a 30something dad from Canadian Mid-West (Winnipeg, MB). I sell and project manage construction goods and services during the day and turn into a two wheel geek at 5:30. I am very new to motorcycles. My last bike was a Suzuki dirt bike in 90's and before that I had...
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