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  1. spotty

    its NOT a bloody scrambler

    its going to be a proper trailbike
  2. spotty

    selling on ebay, cb750k8 rolling frame and loads of parts

    not sure if this should be in DTT oz or the selling bit of the forum but I've got a rolling chassis and loads of parts from a K8 project build for sale on ebay in Melbourne...
  3. spotty

    dunno if anyone's posted this here before.... a song after our own hearts, it's by a guy called Mike Sarne who had a few hits in the early 60s with 'cockney' flavoured hits of dubious taste, so naturally they'd be perfect for here, enjoy
  4. spotty

    CB750K7 kickstart locked but engine still turns over...any ideas ?

    okay, first some background - PO was riding his CB750K7 daily until it made an unhappy noise from the (he thinks) clutch area, turned it off, pushed it home. it would start again but still made some 'odd noises' so he parked it and several years later gave me the bike (so at least it was the...
  5. spotty

    AIR COOLED MC bike show 18.4.15 in sunny (hopefully) Melbourne

    some of you guys have been along before and its happening again, saturday 18th april in murrumbeena, out the back of Headworks 408 neerim road from 1 o'clock on or thereabouts come have a look at some fine and rare bikes (and my Vmax), have a sausage and say hi, bring bikes, bring mates on...
  6. spotty

    just found these
  7. spotty

    disc swap onto 77/78 CB750 front wheel

    i seem to remember reading somewhere that the mounting hole spacing and offset are the same on stock CB discs and also CBR1000RR. obviously the CBR ones are going to be a whole lot bigger but thats not aa problem as i'm going to change to slightly later fork lowers so i can use real calipers...
  8. spotty

    a very clever trick for mounting tyres

    don't know if this one's been shared before but i just found it
  9. spotty

    DIRTQUAKE 2014

    unfortunately i couldn't make it (what with being just outside Portland and i'm in Australia....) but it looked like a hoot and video from the uk 2012/3 (?) event
  10. spotty

    tank moto magazine launch next friday (6th june) in collingwood i went to the first one last year and many fine bikes were present and i believe there may be some sort of alcoholic beverages for those so inclined see you there
  11. spotty

    BIKES ONLY SWAP SUNDAY 6am melbourne eastern suburbs details on the link but short version, its out in scoresby FTGully rd beside Eastlink, kicks off at daylight basically, car/bike parks are usually jam packed by 7 so be early don't forget its the end of daylight savings on sat nite too (clocks back) so you'll get...
  12. spotty

    AirCooled MC bike show coming up 22.3.14 melbourne Australia

    hi there, anyone in the general vicinity of melbourne/geelong/ballarat even, up for a show in a couple of weeks 22.3.14 mid arvo or so, Rear of Headworks Neerim Road Murrumbeena (if you googlemap you'll see a largish carpark on the opposite side of murrumbeena road from the train station, thats...
  13. spotty

    CCJMC show today in beautiful West Heidelfuckinberg

    in no particular order, couple to look out for are the CB750/900 and the bike with the coffin tank, opinion was divided on that one
  14. spotty

    my sympathies to our queensland brothers........ 6 dumb as shit cops, 1 leather vest wearing biker, score one for the biker, 360,000 views so far, makes me want to visit the scumshine state is all i can say (no offence intended to those who live there and have to put up with this...
  15. spotty

    pix from the Tankmoto magazine launch coupole of weeks ago

    it was here in melbourne down in the docklands precinct at a new cafe/bar whose name escapes me, what did not escape me was the absolutely shite bar service the place appeared to be split in half with the food/drinks in one half and a workshop in the other visible thru big glass windows so, i...
  16. spotty

    new bike mag launch in melbourne 25.5.13 -TANK MOTO MAGAZINE these links should take you to their website and the launch event info, its sort of...
  17. spotty

    pics from our clubs show 13.4.13 in melbourne

    all in all a great day and it was cool meeting up with a couple of the guys off this site, its awesome meeting younger guys who are building their own customs instead of just buying another race rep plastic coated bike. also very cool was the little silver replica 60s GP 125 in the pictures...
  18. spotty

    for those of you with nothing to do at 5am tomorrow morning....

    get up early and head to bendigo for the best swapmeet of the year (obviously this only applies if you live in sunny victoria) if you don't know or haven't been check google for info and googlemaps 'bendigo showgrounds' for how to get there and don't forget sunscreen and shitloads of cash its on...
  19. spotty

    mods and rockers sunday 11.11.12 brighton baths like it says in the link, next sunday at brighton baths, the esplanade in Brighton 11am then a ride out to KustomLane in Hawthorn, i'll be going with the rest of the lads in our club (aircooled mc) hope to see some of you...
  20. spotty

    how to fill in 2 hours on a tuesday night, the old fashioned way.......

    if anyones up for it, in 2 hours time (8pm tues nite local time east coast australia) i'll be on the radio 106.7fm melb area filling in for a mates show 'go for broke', punk, rock, metal etc goes for 2 hours or listen to the archived thingy later cheers spotty
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