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  1. okiejoe

    Greetings From Oklahoma!

    Hello DTT from Tulsa, OK! I'm Joe. I've lived in Oklahoma my entire life, and I've been riding bikes since I was 14. Today I own an '06 YZ450F for playing in the dirt, and I've started my first cafe project on my old '75 CB125S. I'm a very experienced fabricator and engineer with lots of fancy...
  2. okiejoe

    Small Bike on a Small Budget

    Greetings DTT! This is my first post, first bike project, and first cafe racer. I'm excited to dig out a bike I enjoyed when I was a teenager. It's a '75 CB125S that my dad bought for me when I was 14 or 15. It was really nice when I first got it, and I put most of the 3100 miles on it. But...
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