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  1. Shortround

    CB450 exhaust

    New, never run, chrome reproduction headers and megaphone mufflers. $150 plus the ride. Fits CB450/CB500T 1969-1976
  2. Shortround

    1969 CB450

    Well it's time to finish the last or three CB450's I bought 4 years ago. Here's a pic of the front drum; carbon fiber vents, drilled shoes, and brake cams. Every little bit helps
  3. Shortround

    1997 Ducati 900ss

    Wanted to work on something different
  4. Shortround

    Cheap 18" and 19" 40 hole rim wanted

    like the title says i need an 18" and a 19" rim with 40 spoke holes. i can use either 1.85 or 2.15; as long as they're the same width. Chrome doesn't need to be perfect i'm going to powder coat them black.
  5. Shortround

    1975 CB550 "Jocelyne"

    Haven't posted a build in a while. Here's why I've been up to.
  6. Shortround

    FOR SALE 4LS front brake. SOLD

    Here it is; just in time for your Christmas shopping. 1970 Suzuki 750 4LS front brake. It will need polishing, brake pads, and I have misplaced one of the lever return springs. I swear I saw it the other day, they are still available from Suzuki. Comes with the brake lever, perch, and brake...
  7. Shortround

    CB450 and CB500T engines for sale

    I have a couple of spare CB450T (5 speed) and CB500T engines for sale. Hit me up if you need any parts. I also have complete carb sets for each.
  8. Shortround

    CB/CL 450 parts.

    I picked up some basket cases with some really nice NOS parts. I'm not going to use them so make me an offer before they go on eBay. Need a 450 engine part? I have four of them.
  9. Shortround

    Front Lester Mag

    I have a rare front lester mag 18 X 2.50 6 bolt pattern fits cb550/750. Accepting reasonable offers
  10. Shortround

    Shortround's Garage Sale

    Well it's that time of year again; spring cleaning. Making some room for new projects and raising beer money for the 4th of July. If you find something you want, need, or want to need just make me an offer. Stator coils cb550 cb750 Rectifiers cb350 cb450 cb350f cb750 Starter solenoids Cb550...
  11. Shortround

    CB750 Chopper seat

    Does anyone want this thing? It has a solid pan; I would really hate to throw it away but I will never use it.
  12. Shortround

    Old school speed rear sets

    A shout out to old school speed. I used a set on my cb750 project. He even cut me some 3/4 spacers to get the spacing correct. I've used four sets on various projects. If you can't make them work you probably shouldn't be working on a motorcycle. For the money they can't be beat.
  13. Shortround

    1976 CB750 "Roxanne"

    Here's some photos of I've been what ive been working on. 1976 CB750; 67mm Henry Abe pistons and an Andrews Racing D1 gring cam.
  14. Shortround

    ROC CITY Front Fender //// SOLD \\\\

    I have a new fiberglass never mounted, never painted, Roc city front fender for sale. They cost $100 new; I'm selling this one for $50 plus shipping.
  15. Shortround

    GL1000 Goldwing Carbs

    I need a set of carbs for a 1975 Goldwing. The float hangers have disintergrated on mine. Thanks
  16. Shortround

    Shortrounds Garage Sale

    I have boxes full of CB350 CB450 CB350F and CB750 parts. long motor mount bolts CB750 side covers CB350 1969 front hubs 36 and 40 spoke rear hubs 36 and 40 spoke carb parts (no complete sets) cb750/cb350 Cb450 headlight Cb750 chrome covers. Nice but not show quality Rectifiers CB350 CB450...
  17. Shortround

    Shortround's Garage Sale

    Cleaning out the garage. Here's a chance to pick up some parts you may need at a good price. Drop me a line and make me an offer. New unopened cb750 gasket set ATHENA 76-77 super sport ignition coils CB750 CB350F
  18. Shortround

    Finished my set mold

    Time to get out the resin and fabric :)
  19. Shortround

    Emgo 35-38 mm headlight ears.

    New in package. $20 plus shipping.
  20. Shortround


    I have a new aftermerket oem tailight chrome backing. make me an offer.
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