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  1. sbaugz

    Suzuki S32-2 Olympian restoration

    Picked up this little gem last summer for $400, including a wisconsin title. It looked like it had potential, and I was pretty excited about it. Prior to picking it up, I had intended to chop it apart and make a little cafe racer. Upon seeing the bike in person, I realized that all the sheet...
  2. sbaugz

    my latest build. 2 stroke GT185 cafe racer.

    I took a break from DTT for a while. Haven't really been on the forum for a couple years. Back then, there were a few bad eggs that kinda spoiled it for me. I figure its time to pay a visit again. Don't get me wrong, there were a lot of great people, but there was also a time when negatively...
  3. sbaugz

    my bike on - former BOTM here

    Check it out. I would appreciate all the social media buzz on my bike as possible. Former BOTM here.
  4. sbaugz

    attn Goldwing Gurus

    I previously owned a GL1100. I sold that a few years back to help fund the new home construction. Now I am back in the game, so to speak. I am building a naked bobber/ cafe style bike for my brother- using his 1983 GL1100. His brakes are a complete mess. They are frozen up, leaking, etc...
  5. sbaugz

    Shoei RF-1200 helmet. brand new with lots of accessories.

    Selling this for a guy at work. It has literally never been used. Comes with all original packaging, including chin pieces that have never been installed. He purchased it as a spare, then proceeded to sell his Heritage Softtail Classic back to the dealer. Also comes with unopened pinlock lens...
  6. sbaugz

    Borla Carbon Fiber slip on- buell tube frame bikes

    there's got to be some Buell owners on this forum. Selling a low mile Borla slip-on for 2.5" headers. Fits the Buell Tube frame bikes- S3, M2, S1 and possibly X1 bikes. Good condition. A few small dents underneath that aren't really visible. Great sounding exhaust. $210 plus shipping...
  7. sbaugz

    1980 Honda CX500 custom bobber/ cafe for sale or trade. price adjustment

    For sale or might consider trade (see below). asking $3700 or offer. I have much more than that amount into bike. location is milwaukee area. Recently finished 1980 Honda CX500 custom bobber/ cafe style bike. Nearly every part is rebuilt from the ground up this past winter/ spring with all new...
  8. sbaugz

    Moose racing expedition jacket- new with tags. size medium/ 40

    This jacket is brand new with tags. Never worn. Sells for $349. size is medium/ 40 but it seems to fit a little larger- like a size medium large. Very nice high quality jacket with armor. This jacket has some really nice features including air vents, waterproof pockets, lots of adjustment...
  9. sbaugz

    anyone have a set of CX500 shock bushings?

    Looking for a set of new or used shock bushings from a CX500- or some bushings that have 16mm ID and around 25mm OD. These are the bushings that push into the shocks and ultimately the frame mounts go thru the 16mm ID hole. Let me know. I would be happy to take a used set from someone's spare...
  10. sbaugz

    anyone have some 13" shocks?

    Looking for some shocks to put on my CX500. Should be around 13". would like to pick up some take-off harley or something similar.
  11. sbaugz

    looking for exhaust clamps

    PM me if you have a pair of 1.75" exhaust clamps. Looking for two in good condition, heavy duty ones. Thanks.
  12. sbaugz

    T500 titan stator cover wanted

    Lost my entire stator cover on a recent ride. Looking for a new one for any year T500 Titan. let me know what you have.
  13. sbaugz

    Suzuki T500 cafe racer

    Haven't posted a build thread here in a while. This will be abbreviated post. The bike is already up and running all summer long. I prefer to spend my time building and riding, so I never got around to doing a step by step build here. I originally posted a thread on the suzuki two stroke forum...
  14. sbaugz


  15. sbaugz

    Alpinestars Thunder Glove size large- new with tags.

  16. sbaugz


    item has been sold.
  17. sbaugz

    Kill switch help requested.

    I am trying to figure out the wiring on my kill switch. Wondering if someone can help. Bike is a CL350. Wiring harness thrown out and re-wired simply with headlight, taillight, and new starter button only. Picked up a K&S switch pod as seen here: Here is the wiring diagram for the kill...
  18. sbaugz

    Suzuki t500 clutch basket needed

    Does anyone have a T 500 clutch basket?
  19. sbaugz

    Bell RS-1 Roland Sands Design "Flash" Helmet

    Up for sale, a nearly new size large Bell helmet. Technically you could make this a size medium for about $30 if you wanted. The Medium and large share the same shell. You could purchase medium pads if you needed a medium. RSD (Roland Sands Design) Bronze Flash Helmet. Very cool flat black...
  20. sbaugz

    CL350 exhaust question -opinions wanted

    Helping a friend with a build. We are using the stock CL350 headers. The stock silencer is trash. Picked up some 15" EMGO slip on universal silencers and they hit the left rear shock. Wondering what the best way to handle this would be? Thinking maybe a muffler shop can put a little bend in both...
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