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  1. porcelanowy

    WANTED: Yamaha SR250 header pipe/exhaust

    Hello I am looking for a Yamaha SR250 header pipe (mounting bracket not required). Ideally from engin mounting flange up to the muffler plus that part that goes into muffler (but that not necessery) Or full exhaust, but that will cost fortune to send ;) :) If you got one. If you are willing to...
  2. porcelanowy

    Yamaha SR250 - general engine questions and problems :)

    Hello Is there any aftermarket option for full exhaust or only header for Yamaha SR250? I have messed up the original and I am looking for something that will pass the MOT ;) I know about Jadus – probably the best option performance wise, but my budget will not handle the price :) aaaand is...
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