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  1. AgentX

    Carb overflow

    Hey, all... I have a Royal Enfield with a Mikuni TM32. I know the practical solution to my question already..."turn off the gas"...but wondered about the mechanics behind it. If I leave the petcock on overnight, in the morning, the air filter will be full of gas. I don't understand why this...
  2. AgentX

    Dickies Moto Jeans

    $80? Anyone tried these??
  3. AgentX

    1965 Matchless G15-CS

    Hey, all—my second bike here, following on my Royal Enfield adventures. Originally wrote about picking it up way back a few years ago at, and have cross-posted this latest info on AccessNorton. So I had original thread...
  4. AgentX

    1965 Matchless G15-CS

    So, I am on vacation from Africa, back in Rhode Island (wife's home state.) And I am about to embark on a side trip up to Vermont to pick up this Matchless G15-CS from its original owner, John. I have known John for years over the Internet via a mountain biking forum, Ridemonkey. He...
  5. AgentX

    Duro 308 sizing

    Anyone used the 4.00x19 Duro 308 (Pirelli mt53 clone)? How is the actual sizing compared to, say, the 3.5 Dunlop K70? Any opinions on the tire itself? Thanks...!
  6. AgentX

    Tach adapter question

    OK, just checking myself here... This tach adapter is meant to adapt a tach for a stock Harley to an aftermarket single-fire ignition. My assumption is therefore, that it doubles the signal input fed into it. I currently have a tach...
  7. AgentX

    Ghetto chain lube

    So here I am in the third world, surrounded by chain-driven two-wheeled vehicles, and it turns out no one sells or can obtain purpose-made chain lube, aerosol or otherwise. They just smear whatever grease or gear oil or engine oil they can find on the chain and call it a day. Any advice on...
  8. AgentX

    Battery drain f/ programmable tach

    Hi guys-- Would like to use a particular electronic tach which, alas, only comes in a programmable model. These need constant-on battery power to hold their settings, including critical stuff for me like number of pulses per rev. I am using an antigravity 12v/4ah battery on my kickstart-only...
  9. AgentX

    Wire sleeving choices

    Anyone have a recommendation for sleeving/loom? Basic PVC is great, but I was hoping to find something motorcycle-exterior-appropriate which wouldn't need to be cut off if I needed to get access inside. Thinking of either an expandable sleeving which could slip off over a block connector or a...
  10. AgentX

    WTB 1 3/4" inlet Supertrapp

    Anyone have a Supertrapp laying around for a 1 3/4" header? If so, let's talk. Thanks!
  11. AgentX

    Ditch headlight relays?

    So, I installed a headlight relay on my bike when I put in a single-beam HID a year ago. Was concerned that the startup draw of the light would be ungood for my bar switch, and thought the power needs might be better met by a run of 12 or 14ga wire straight to the light. I'm now rebuilding the...
  12. AgentX

    Enfield Tracker: War Pig Rennaissance

    (NOTE--if links are dead, try the photobucket fix: . Worked for me.) My turn to share my abomination. Over the last 3 years in India, I bought a salvaged 1977 Indian military Enfield and built it to a fairly trackerish machine. Used a...
  13. AgentX

    bates high boots, near-new. approx. size 11 @ Barber.

    Hey fellas-- Last year, while I was overseas, I went through purchasing a pair of Bates "road race" boots, custom-sized in brown. I am basically a US 10.5D/ Euro 44 in any shoe out there, sometimes a Euro 43. I tried the stock...
  14. AgentX

    Great short doc film

    Check this video out. Great story about a sidehacker. Bet he'd have been good friends with Burt Munro...
  15. AgentX

    Tire profile

    This is a carryover from the cheap aluminum rims thread; didn't want to hijack it. Apologies to those who've already given input over there... I use/plan to use Dunlop (k70/k81), Avon (am26), or Heidenau (k34) tires which don't have front- and rear-specific designs. Stock, my bike (Enfield)...
  16. AgentX

    Grounding the front-end stuff

    So I'm building my new wiring diagram, and I have three ground leads originating forward of the head bearings. (headlight, dash/gauges consolidated, and horn switch. Horn won't ground at the bar because of the nature of the switch I'm using.) Looking at ways to take these 3 leads back to the...
  17. AgentX

    How rough a surface for powder?

    I really, really thought Google would take care of this question, but nothing seems to have quite what I'm looking for... Is a rough wire-wheel finish too rough to get an even powdercoat on top? (New tank looks too rough to me, and obviously a high-build primer is out of the question for...
  18. AgentX

    Caliper mounting standards?

    Being relatively new to motorcycles, especially assembling them, I have what may be a silly question: Are there any general standards for the mounting points of disc brake calipers? Is it brand- or type- specific? Or is it a matter of every caliper being different?
  19. AgentX

    New England upholsterer?

    While back, someone posted a good experience with an upholsterer in New England, southern MA I believe. Anyone recall this guy's name, or know of anyone good south of Boston down to northern Connecticut?
  20. AgentX

    Powdercoating edges?

    Can powder be done over bare metal and left with an exposed edge? I would like to have the outboard surfaces of my hubs powdercoated with the inner portion polished. Would I need to do a clear over the whole thing to keep it from flaking away at the edge of the powder/polished?
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