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  1. Streetfighterkz

    Vfr750 Works Performance Shock

    I know it’s a long shot but someone here either has a Vfr or did a SSSA swap on something… I’m selling a freshly rebuilt remote-reservoir adjustable Works Performance shock for a ‘90-93 Honda Vfr750 Interceptor. I had it rebuilt by Worx Shocks in California. It has adjustable rebound and...
  2. Streetfighterkz

    STACK Tach and Boost; Koso Multi-function

    Putting feelers out for gauges that I bought for my Gpz750 project. I think I’m changing dash directions so I want to sell these so I can buy my new setup. The Stack 80mm tach and Koso are brand new in original boxes. I only opened them up to look at them. The Stack boost gauge is a new, open...
  3. Streetfighterkz

    Wheel Repair Shop Recommendation?

    I just bought a set of RC Component spun aluminum rims from eBay yesterday. The front has a slight bend in the lip per one of the pictures. Before hitting the BIN button I was researching repair costs and it seem like $150-200 is the normal range. Does anyone have recommendations for a...
  4. Streetfighterkz

    Arranging pickup/shipping of engine from eBay?

    I didn’t find much during a search on here but has anyone arranged pickup of an engine (or other freight) from an eBay seller across the country. I found an engine and I’m pondering buying it. The seller stated they would crate it but would not arrange pickup and shipping which seems fair as I’m...
  5. Streetfighterkz

    1985 Cb700SC wiring dilemma

    Hey all, I’m working on a ‘85 700 Nighthawk that someone removed the ignition switch and twisted all the leads together with a residential wiring nut. :facepalm: Anyways, I have an ignition switch coming but it has 5 wires and the wiring diagram I found shows 5 wires. The problem is that I...
  6. Streetfighterkz

    Question about a Works Shock.

    Long story short….I need a place that can provide a longer remote reservoir hose, refill the oil, and recharge a Works mono-shock for me (at a reasonable price). Please don’t recommend Worx Shocks. Their customer service is horrendous. Thanks. Later, Doug
  7. Streetfighterkz

    Xs400 ground circuit going “hot”?

    I’m working on a 80/81 Yamaha XS400. I’m trying install a Koso TnT combo gauge. I tested the main power hook-ups and I’m getting a “hot” ground with the key on. If I disconnect the 3-wire voltage regulator, the circuit switches back to a ground circuit. Right now the harness ground is not bolted...
  8. Streetfighterkz

    Z1/Kz900/1000/1100 Go Fast-ish Parts

    I have some Z1/Kz900/1000/1100 parts I’m selling. I was saving them for a trackday weapon build but I already have too many projects. All prices are shipped to your door in the lower 48 states from zip 63303. Mikuni 29mm Smoothbores. Good shape overall but could use a minor cleaning. Slides...
  9. Streetfighterkz

    Anyone with Keihin CR carbs on Z1/Kz?

    I just purchased some nice, used Keihin Cr31’s from eBay for a Kz900 based trackday bike I’ve been gathering parts for. My question is: anyone have first hand experience using the CR’s on a Kz? I have a set of MTC 1075 12.5:1 pistons and a pair of Gpz1100B camshafts. I’m still looking for a...
  10. Streetfighterkz

    D&D shortened muffler

    Selling a D&D shortened muffler. Inlet is 50-51mm. No dents, dings, or major gouging. Just some light scratches from slipping the band around. Missing a couple rivets from the inlet in where someone shortened it (not me). I forgot to get an overall length but can measure for anyone interested. I...
  11. Streetfighterkz

    GL1100 carb kits: Randakk’s/4into1 same?

    I’m working on a ‘82 Goldwing for a guy. Carbs are in bad shape due to neglect. Everyone says go with Randakk’s carb kits but all the Gl1100 kits seem to be “Out of Stock”. I found similar kits on 4into1. Any idea if they are the same or, if not, the same quality? I know I need fuel bowl...
  12. Streetfighterkz

    WTB: Aftermarket Z1/Kz900/Kz1000 camshafts

    I’m looking for a good set of aftermarket drop-in cams for a 1075 10.25:1 engine with stock head. Maybe something like a Cam Motion #Z1 or #Z2, Web #118 or #119, etc? May consider an OEM Gpz1100 cam set. Let me know...have $$ waiting. Later, Doug
  13. Streetfighterkz

    ‘77 Kz1000 - StL, MO

    Selling this ‘77 KZ1000 along with my ‘74 H1 500 (see other post). The bike has less than 11k original miles. I’m the second owner and bike sits pretty much how I bought it several years ago. The only non-stock item is a Martek ignition added by the original owner not too long after the bike was...
  14. Streetfighterkz

    ‘74 H1 500 - StL, MO

    I found a Z900RS I want to buy so I need to free up space and $$ to fund the purchase. The bike sits pretty much how I bought it several years ago with the exception of correct H1 carbs instead of H2 items. It has less than 10k miles. It runs but could use some carb tweaking to get the idle...
  15. Streetfighterkz

    HiPoint Forged Aluminum Wheels

    Selling a set of Hi-Point aftermarket wheels. These came from a ZZR1200 but should fit Zx11Ds and other Kawasaki models without much work. You could also change bearings, make spacers and swap them to other make/models or project bikes. They spin straight and true but need refinished. Front is...
  16. Streetfighterkz

    ‘86 Virago 700 running on front cylinder only

    Been working on a 700 Virago and having a tough time diagnosing a dead cylinder. The bike came to me with a smoking issue. I started the bike and it sounded like a thumper (1 cyl). When it first starts, it seem to run fine for the most part, then it would slowly drop the revs until it died...
  17. Streetfighterkz

    Stripping anodizing from forged aluminum wheels.

    So I bought the set of old Hi-Point wheels a few months ago. Seller said they just needed re-polished. Turns out that I think they’re anodized as the spoke pockets are a light gold but the rest of the wheel is silver. Anyways, I eventually want them refinished. I’ve heard of people using...
  18. Streetfighterkz

    FS: Z1/Kz900/1000/1100 V&H 4-1 header

    Forgot I had it in the basement. Up for grabs is a Vance and Hines header from a street megaphone system. Sorry but no muffler/megaphone. It should fit ‘73-84 900/1000/1100’s. Some flat spots on the lower pipes but that’s pretty common. Chrome is in decent shape. Will get pics in the next...
  19. Streetfighterkz

    (2) SPA 0-12k Tachs with built-in temp.

    I have two (yes, 2) SPA tachs for sale. Both are 0-12k units with a built-in temp gauge. Harnesses for the tach are included but not for the temp sensor. Both light up and the needles sweep but I have not tested functionality other than that yet. I was told they’re fully functional though...
  20. Streetfighterkz

    CbrRR and R1 front calipers

    I know some of you are wanting to run modern forks with radial calipers so here’s your chance to pick up some calipers I have a pair of 04-07 1000RR front calipers and a pair R1 (6-pot) calipers up for grabs. I will post pics in the next few days. You can grab either pair for $60/shipped...
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