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  1. interceptor

    CB/CL 200 parts

    Looking for parts for a CL 200 build. Please let me know what you have. Things I’m looking for: front wheel, intakes, clutch and throttle cables, headlight, seat, tank, fenders.
  2. interceptor

    Crusty but trusty CL200 Build

    I've been out of the scene for a couple of years, and decided one day that I really need to build another bike. I really thought that I was going to take my time, build something perfect, and dump a ton of money into it. But then I started looking at the incomplete CL200 I purchased (thanks...
  3. interceptor

    Storing a Motorcycle

    I was wondering what the best way is to store a bike for a long time? Should I drain the gas, change the oil, block the exhaust exit, put it up on the center stand, etc.? Or do I keep gas in it, ad an additive and start it every so often? I'm talking like, 10 years storage. Thanks :)
  4. interceptor

    1999 Trans Am

    Now that we are finally seeing some decent weather, it`s time to get the car out. My son and I take the time to clean it up every week, and show it at local car shows. Nothing special, but it is close to 20 years old and only shows 43,000 miles. The T Tops are a great feature :D
  5. interceptor

    1984 Yamaha FJ1100 Touring Turd

    Since I`m a gluten for punishment, I have decided to take on the 1983 FJ1100 and show it who`s boss. Plans are to first get it back together and running. Everything will be in its stock location, using all stock parts (because I suck at fabricating, plus the bike looks cool). The only thing...
  6. interceptor

    Need help pricing a motorcycle

    I recently acquired a 1983 FJ1100 that is mostly complete, but taken apart. Engine is complete and in the bike, but the carbs are taken off. It looks like the only thing missing is the air box. Needs to be restored, but the guy said the engine ran ::) Tank is in good condition, and key fits...
  7. interceptor

    CL 350 Frame

    I`m clearing some space in the shop, and need to sell a 1971 CL350 frame. No title, frame only, asking $45 plus shipping. If interested, pm me. Thanks.
  8. interceptor

    Interceptor TRAC system

    I am putting together an 86 Honda VF500F and am wondering if I really need the TRAC system, or can I just leave it off? If I need it, I have to find the pieces to install. Bike came with no front brakes, but I have a complete assembly coming, minus the TRAC system. Thanks in advance.
  9. interceptor

    '86 Interceptor 2 smoke project

    As I finish one project, another always seems to find a way into the shop. I have always loved the 80's Interceptors. The styling was amazing, the variety of engine sizes was endless, and the colors. Oh man, I love those colors. Back in the 90's I had a 85 Interceptor 500. I loved that...
  10. interceptor

    1970 CL350

    I have been cleaning this CL up for the last couple of months, and now I need to sell it. If you would like to see what I have done, go to the restorations page in the projects category here on DTT. Look for 'CL 350 clean up'. I am asking $2000. If you need it shipped, I ask that you...
  11. interceptor

    CL/CB 350 parts for sale

    I have a few parts for sale that I do not need. These all came from a CL350. Frame-$85 + shipping (no title) Forks- $40 +shipping Top triple clamp - $10 + shipping Wiring harness - $20 shipping Front Wheel - $35 + shipping (Drum brake) Blinkers - $5 each + shipping I'm sure I have...
  12. interceptor

    CL350 Forks

    I have a set of 1971 CL350 forks for sale. Very clean. Asking $40 plus shipping. I wish I had a better picture, but that's it for now.
  13. interceptor

    For Sale: 1971 CL350 Frame

    I have a CL350 frame that I really don't need. There are no problems with the frame, and has all tabs. It needs to be cleaned up and painted, but very solid. Sorry, no title. Asking $85 plus shipping.
  14. interceptor

    Needed: 1970 CB750 frame w/title

    Seeing if anybody has a titled 70 750 frame. PM me if you have, or know of one for sale. Thank you.
  15. interceptor

    brand names

    Seriously, lots of Suski, Kawaski, and Harley Davison bikes for sale on craigslist right now.
  16. interceptor

    spring is near?

    Oh my, it`s well above freezing here in Michigan, and 40`s and 50`s all next week! Time to prepare the 360 for this years maiden voyage ;D
  17. interceptor

    1971 CL 350 Clean up

    I acquired a 1971 CL 350 not to long ago to clean up and sell. I got it running by cleaning the carbs and adding a new battery. Points looked brand new, and it looked like it had new oil. All lights work, controls works, chrome is in excellent condition and bike is complete. I made notes of...
  18. interceptor

    For Sale: 1974 CL360

    I bought this bike last week, and wife says it's got to go. The bike is in really good condition and I have done all the engine maintenance to it: new points, set timing, new plugs, cleaned carbs, installed fuel filters, adjusted cam chain tensioner, set valve lash, installed new blinker...
  19. interceptor

    1969 CB750

    I am helping a friend sell a '69 CB750. Before we start, it is not a sandcast model. It is a late 69 production bike. Has all the right pieces. He pointed all this out to me when I saw it: front fender is correct, key switch is recessed and is correct, has correct duck bill seat (I think...
  20. interceptor

    84-87 GL1200 Carb set

    I have a complete set of rebuilt carbs and upper plenum for an 84-87 GL1200. All diaphrams are good. Price is $550 OBO.
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