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  1. Ringo

    CB550K1 - that Gulf bike

    Scored this old thing. Some hack did a little work to it…at least an alright base to work from. We’ll see how it goes. So here’s the original thread. It’s a long and winding read. I’ll summarize what has been done already and where I’m looking to go a few posts down...
  2. Ringo

    2012 Honda CBR1000RR - Montana

    Hey guys, bike ADD strikes again and I'd like to move on. She's in perfect condition, 2583 miles. Oil change and tires both have 0 miles on them. Comes with the Honda Energy seat (much more comfortable), Honda "Sport" windscreen, HRC tank pad and a Renthal 15 tooth front sprocket (stock is...
  3. Ringo

    I've had a productive winter

    Most of you guys have been busy building whatever it is that floats your boats. Good on you. Meanwhile, I've done jack all. Ok I've gotten a little bit done. I painted my helmet. I've had my trusty plain white Shoei for a few years now, and it's served me almost too well. I decided to...
  4. Ringo

    Great Falls, MT

    Looking for anyone who's near to do some riding. This place is infested with no-gear-wearing squids on bikes they can't handle, and I'm not down with that. I remember there was a guy or two, three, over the years who mentioned being in town, so if there's anyone still here, hit me up! If...
  5. Ringo

    RIP Isadora

    Some of you that have been around for a while may remember t71ford's XS360 project "Isadora". When his wife out grew the bike, I bought it last spring for my little brother, Ben, to learn to ride on. He's been doing really well over the past year, but that ended yesterday, May 20. It was my...
  6. Ringo

    PETCOCK, '75 cb550K

    I'm in severe need of a NON-LEAKING petcock for a '75 cb550....ASAP.... I've bought two recently from ebay, both of which leaked. I don't want to spend Pingle money. So let me know what you have. Thanks
  7. Ringo

    How do you ignore someone?

    Unfortunately I no longer get along with everyone here and it's time to tune out a couple folks. I can't seem to figure out how though. Any insight?
  8. Ringo


    Taken care of. Nothing to see here.
  9. Ringo


    I'm looking to have a couple custom vinyls made up. I just need a stencil of "Suzuki" in the Rainier beer font for a paint job. If someone's willing and able, let me know! Thanks
  10. Ringo

    Good vid on the effects of open pipes

    Brazenly stolen from Swagger's blog ( - NSFW!). Give it a watch.
  11. Ringo

    Northern Lights possible tonight in not-so-northern latitudes...

    For all you space nerds, might want to take a peek at the sky tonight/maybe tomorrow night.
  12. Ringo

    CB550K Front Brake Assembly

    Hey folks, I'm in need of a front disc, caliper, caliper arm, and associated bolts for a mid-late 70s CB550K. Thanks!
  13. Ringo

    Stop PIPA and SOPA. Send this to congress.

    Read it, send it.
  14. Ringo

    Canned project, don't need anymore

    Got a '74 cb200 turning tracker, so I'm on the prowl for a CL 175 or 200 exhaust. Let me know what you got!
  15. Ringo

    I should quit while I'm ahead; or, *Bikes That Get You Off*

    A while back, t71ford posted a pic of the new 1199 Panigale. It got me thinking about this little beauty from a couple years ago: Ducati's race replica Desmosedici RR. I like to think that I'll keep bolting together two-wheeled machines, but this bike represents everything I could...
  16. Ringo

    BOTM and now a Pipeburn bike...

    Congrats Josh! Nuff said!!
  17. Ringo

    A couple for the gents

    Hey fellas, Girlfriend wants to get more into modeling, so of course I suggested a few on the bike. ;D Unfortunately, she won't let me share the nudes, but I figured y'all would appreciate these. Happy Sunday.
  18. Ringo

    Just checking in

    Hey fellas- Given that I have neither internet nor cell service at my new duty station, I've been having some serious DTT withdrawls this summer. Luckily, service is a blast of a 40 mile ride away, so I can get on every once in a while. But I know I'm missing out on so many killer builds right...
  19. Ringo

    RIP Uncle Ernie

    Just saw this over on SOHC4. Didn't find any details. Sad to hear.
  20. Ringo

    Coming up with ideas for my next fiberglass tank

    And I've struck gold. Tyler, I hope you're cool with this for the team build.
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