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  1. TheBullitt

    Honda CB/CL 350 Scrambler "Bullitt CB"

    Hey guys, Been wrapping up my CB350 turned CL350 build. I have a specific question regarding the exhaust and could use your input. Currently, I'm running stock CL headers with mini megaphone cans. At this moment, the headers/mufflers are only supported at the cylinder. I need a clean and...
  2. TheBullitt

    Where to find MX-style footpegs for a CB350G

    Hey guys, I'm turning my CB350G into a scrambler/street tracker and am looking for mx-style footpegs. I've seen a few options on ebay but they're all shipping out of Asia and I need some asap. Does anyone know options out there that would fit? Online shops where I can get them?? Thanks in...
  3. TheBullitt

    Thoughts on the Moto Guzzi V9 X-Track?

    Hey guys, I recently saw the V9 "X-Track" concept bike at EIMCA and thought it looked pretty good in person. Haven't seen much buzz about it anywhere else and first off, wanted to see if anyone else had even seen or heard of this yet. Secondly, interested in hearing what everyone's opinion is...
  4. TheBullitt

    Triumph parts for sale

    Recently sold my prized Bullitt OG and have a lot of goodies for sale. PM me if interested. Shipping price upon request. Thruxton shocks - missing one grommet but otherwise fine - $40 Bonnie shocks - missing one grommet but otherwise fine - $40 Ammo cans — $399 These are a great option for...
  5. TheBullitt

    Custom 2005 Triumph Bonneville Black cafe racer

    My custom 2005 Triumph Bonneville Black cafe racer is currently for sale at Marin Speed Shop in San Rafael. They have also listed it on ebay with other a few days remaining on the auction. It's a great bike and I'm stoked to see it go to a new home! The Bullitt OG specs 2005 Triumph...
  6. TheBullitt

    2014 Quail Motorcycle Gathering :: Photos

    Hi guys, Not really sure where these should go so I'm sticking them here in 'da club'. I attended the Quail Motorcycle Gathering earlier this year here in California and took some photos. Lots of vintage bikes, cafe racers and street trackers. Thought they'd be a good fit for the forum. Check...
  7. TheBullitt

    CB350 original carbs

    Seling my original carbs off my 1973 CB350G. Bought the bike used with 10K on the odo. Decided to buy new VM30 carbs so I got these to sell. Not really sure what's a fair price so if any of you know, please let me know (even if you're not interested in buying them yourself). Reasonable...
  8. TheBullitt

    Stock chain size for CB350's

    So I've searched around and seen mention of multiple sizes on the inter-web (here as well) so I bring it to the table. I have a '73 CB350G (twin). Can anyone tell me what the stock chain size is on this baby? Thanks!
  9. TheBullitt

    CB350 Basic Wiring Necessities - HELP

    I'm getting ready to wire up my 73 CB350G and am going with all new wiring - except I may use existing coil wires. I'm only running a headlight, taillight + other necessary components (no other accessories). Does a simple diagram exist out there with just the basics? I admittedly suck at...
  10. TheBullitt

    CB/CL Exhaust Bracing Question

    I'm working on wrapping up my CB/CL build and am trying to decide on which headers to run. The bike is technically for my wife but most likely I'll ride it more. I have both headers for this bike, CB and CL. I really want the high pipes but my wife is worried about burning her legs. To make...
  11. TheBullitt

    Independent chokes on dual-carb set ups?

    I bought the VM30 carb kits from Dime City for my CB350 twin build. The way it currently stands, each carb has it's own choke lever, requiring you to open them and close them independently. My Bonneville is also dual carbed but the choke knob opens/closes both simultaneously. Do I need to rig...
  12. TheBullitt

    CB350 rear shock question

    I was wondering is it possible to pull off those ugly shrouds at the top of these shocks? Seems like it is, but I'm not sure how. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Dammit! How do you get a pic to load? Do you have to use Photobucket or something to get code?! I fell like I've done it...
  13. TheBullitt

    Roland Sands Designs' Sportster cafe racer/scrambler for Hurley

    I'll admit I started off practically hating all things "Harley" just because of the stigma of the chopper/bad boy/shithead type guy. As I get older and more and more into all motorcycles I have to say Harleys are growing on me. I've tried to still hate the Sporster and most new Harleys but...
  14. TheBullitt

    Building a CB/CL Scrambler - Help on Tires

    Hi guys, I’m building my 73 CB350 into a CL/scrambler. I am using the stock rims and need to determine what tires will fit. The bike will see some slight flat track (nothing serious), dirt roads and city streets. Initially I was planning on running a dual-sport tire, 100 upfront and 120 rear...
  15. TheBullitt

    Master cylinder / revesior options - CB350`

    Hey guys, I'm rebuilding my '73 CB350G. I bought some Lossa Engineering "shorty" universal levers; I don't want to run the stock master cylinder but am not sure what my options are. Let me know what you've seen or tried. Thanks!!
  16. TheBullitt

    Identifying if headers will fit a CB350 - Help Needed

    Hey guys, I've been wanting to switch to high pipes on by '73 CB350G twin. I found some headers online but the seller is not sure what they came off of. Can anyone help me determine if these will fit on my bike? Description: I do not know what year or model it came off of for sure, but by...
  17. TheBullitt

    Help!! "Retainer" needed for '73 CB350G

    Hey guys, I'm having no luck tracking down this part (pic below). It's a retainer on the "left crankcase cover @ rearcover". Here's the link; "RETAINER" Part#...
  18. TheBullitt

    SHS PowerSports?

    I finally pulled the trigger and ordered all the needed engine parts for my '73 CB350 over at SHS PowerSports last night. I wake up this morning to an email saying; "I am very sorry but the parts on your order are no longer available from us or the factory. I have cancelled the order, and...
  19. TheBullitt

    Wanted: Headers/exhaust for CL350

    Hi guys, I have a '73 CB350G (twin) and want to run high pipes. Anyone have stock CL350 headers to sell that will fit? I'd also be interested in any aftermarket solution that's not $800+ as well. Thanks!!
  20. TheBullitt

    New member from Orange County, CA

    Hi everyone, Just registered here with DTT and am excited to tap into this network and wealth of knowledge. I just picked up a basket case '73 CB twin and i plan to do a frame up build on her. I'm hoping to lean on you guys for resources, advice and maybe even some encouragement along the...
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