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    Benelli Mojave 260/360 gas tank purchase review/ fitment

    I got a super good deal on this Benelli tank just under $200 shipped! A bonus is that it came with a gas cap. The guy literally put it in a cardboard box and THATS IT! Also showing off my new 2.15 mikesxs rims. I am going to lace them up to my 70' cb350 with my CB77 from drum hub (1" larger than...
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    cb450 drum swap onto cb350, easy?

    It looks like the cb/cl450 drums are 40 spoke vs/ a cb350 36 spoke count. If I got a 18" cb450 front wheel + axle would it bolt up to my cb350 forks? Or would I need a cb450 fork too? and would that work? I wanted to improve my front end looks + braking easily but I am realizing its a little...
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    Want: cb/cl450/cb77 front drum, gauges, cb350 stuff?

    let me know, Utah usa. 450 drum and hub or cb77 front brake and cb77 speedo drive 350/ 460 gauges cb77 headlight housing and speedo 68' cl450 front fender cb350 left handlebar switch cx500d tank? cb350 type 1 points cover Also a cb350 72 on I believe, chrome lower fork cover, press on type.
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    GL500 / CX, some work is in order to make a good rider!

    I paid just ($180) but got no title with it, need to pick it up tomorrow morning. It's a GL which has a few differences vs. the CX500. The mono shock and the ignition. Along with supposedly better front forks which have air valves. I would like to hear any advice you have on the GL model! I...
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    New popular tire choices CB's, Conti classic attack, avon road riders discontinued?

    It seems like the am26 avon rr are sold out of popular sizes for a Honda Cb350 like 90/100 r18 or 100/90. I notice Continental classic attacktires, very nice looking and very expensive at ~$200 per tire. The old Avon rr were less than that and priced better around $120.
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    want: 1970 Honda cb350 TANK and SIDE cover emblems, fender? picture

    Im looking for some tank and side cover emblems. The tank im looking for the lower emblems with the word Honda. Also a front fender? and some 14.5 shocks? Thanks! Great forum like always! Heres a pic with arrows showing what i am looking for.
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    Got a 1970 CL350 mostly original, what would you do to it?

    I was thinking about NOT chopping it up. I want to do a resto mod. So I will for sure do things like tapered steering head bearings, new tires, and most importantly get it running %100 good. I want this to be a runner/ driver. Not a trailer queen. What would you do? What should I do? Would you...
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    Cb350, wider fender to fit a bigger Firestone tire?

    I have a drum brake 72 cb350 and recently tried to fit a 4.00 Firestone tire but it hits my fender pretty bad. Is there another fender that is wider? Such as a cl350/ 360 fender that mounts up? Or do I need to make a custom fender? I can't imagine I am the first person to have this issue, it...
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    Cb350 help, clutch cover stator wire clip position?

    I don't have an extra bike laying around for comparison. But am wondering if this clip looks right. Is it supposed to go under the rubber grommet, or under the Phillips bolt and metal washer? What is the purpose? Thanks.
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    Cant find cb350 520 chain/ sprocket conversions?

    Does anyone sell a 520 chain kit for the cb350? Looking for good fitment I know there have been some spacing issues in the past.
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    Who makes the brightest/ best LED strip taillight?

    Is there a difference between the cheap o $8 - $60 lights like the Radiantz zflex? Any real first hand experience?
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    Want: older cb350 68-71 external spring fork covers (chrome things)

    Im looking to use external springs on my 72 cb350 but wanted to use (hopfully if they work) external springs. My current shrouds are tapered and dont look as good as the older chrome covers. I assume that the older style covers will slip right on? I can send paypal or venmo, let me know if you...
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    Who makes these stainless mufflers?

    Who makes this? Cheapest price? And also what size should be ordered to fit over a stock header on a CB 350?
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    Cafe steel Gas/ fuel tank+ cap and petcock. New

    This is an aftermarket 2.4L fuel tank with a nice look and has knee indents. Comes with the cap and petcock. The quality is very good. Great construction and welds. No issues. Good tank for the low price considring some thanks like this sell for several hundred. Brand new never used. Price is...
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    SOLDDDDDDrims mike'sxs+ SS spokes

    I have 2 new rims, still in boxes, and 2 SS spoke kits. Stainless spokes are much better than zinc spokes, and more expensive! Everything new sealed/ unopened from mike'sxs. If you priced these 4 items on upon checkout with shipping it comes out to over $450! Price $295 obo. Shipping...
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    Battery tender batt. Soldddddd

    I have an extra one I just bought for sale! Only 4 inches long. Very light. Good price $65 or best offer! shipped to your door
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    Want: CB350 parts... Cylinder head, rear chain adjusters

    I need a new cylinder head for cheap due to a stripped spark plug hole. I have a 71 cb350. Also I need some rear chain adjusters. The chrome ones.
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    Cb350 stripped spark plug hole, use one size bigger plug?

    So after buying a cb350 72' I noticed the plug hole is stripped. Can I simply use a spark plug with larger diameter threads? What is this one called? Stock is b8es, is there a bigger diameter plug and I can cut with a tap and die kit?
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    Cheap $30 mikuni carb replicas for cb?

    Do these work? Also what kind of throttle cable do you use?
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    What bikes are the most collectible in 20 years time?

    What are some good bikes to hang onto for a while ? I feel like there's many bikes out in the public that won't be desired because of styling going out of date. Is early 70s Honda cbs and xs650s still going to be the holy Grail?
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